Cyberglass Perfect P Spot

Contributor: Ella-Br Ella-Br
Hi everyoby!
I´m a Brazilian girl and I´m havin a lot of dificulties on finding a nice glass toy. It´s very hard to find high quality stuff around here...

My first toy was a jelly one, I like it very much, but I want something safer, and so I choose glass for my next one. I was searching for Icicles 25, but I can´t find it here, so I just ordered a Cyberglass Perfect P Spot. I want to know if someone has ever used one of them, and how did it go. My biggest concern is if it will slip out, like my jelly one does (I think it is because of it´s wide neck...)


Does someone knows why it has been discontinued?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Ansley Ansley
Hey, I haven't used this particular toy but there are a few reviews on it if you want to read through those it'll give you an idea of how well it will stay in place.

As far as it being discontinued, it was probably the last one in stock and the mfg. has decided to stop making that particular version in place of another or just decided to no longer make it at all.
Contributor: babyrock babyrock
oh too bad. it looks good.
Contributor: Ella-Br Ella-Br
Well I think I ´ve already read every review at this product, but I always want more...(laughs)
It´s very similar to Icicles no 14. I´m just a little afraid of its size but I think I can handle it...
The most important factor is if it will stay in during movimentation and intercourse.
Thanks for the help!
Contributor: Ella-Br Ella-Br
To whom it may concern, my new plug just arrived and I already have tested it. It´s amazing!

It´s not for begginers, but it doesn´t requires a lot of effort to an intermediate, and it feels really, really good once it is inside the anus.

I really recomend it!