Who enjoys anal in your relationship?

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I enjoy it (the girlfriend) although my boyfriend really enjoys me licking his perineum or rimming (with proper hygiene involved of course!) so I suspect I will convince him. He did ask me to put my finger in once and he enjoyed it so like I said, we will see, but I thoroughly enjoy anal.

Fingers are a good way to start and often making the hygiene a part of the foreplay (showering together and cleaning up with finger stimulation in the shower) is a great way to feel comfortable knowing that you are clean. Before the shower/foreplay it is important for you to make sure to use the bathroom if you can if not at most 2 hours before.

TheErotic Flow website has a great book called Arouse Her Anal Ecstasy under their books section that I did purchase a while back for my Kindle. There are some things that are really great about it, some things that I don't like (such as recommending women should wash both their vaginal and anal areas with Summer's Eve or some other product. You should not be using those things in or around your vagina as it increases the chances of yeast infections. Your vagina is nicely designed to clean and sustain itself, but it isn't a problem to rinse around your labia with plain water and such if you sweat a little).

That said, it is a decent beginners book, or a good book if you have had a bad experience and want to try again. I picked it up because I had a bad experience with an ex and got hurt pretty badly. My new boyfriend has been amazing and his cock is much bigger, but I have not gotten hurt. We have been able to enjoy it immensely.

If you search beginner anal kits on Eden you can find some good ones. It really depends on what you are comfortable with.
Juli Ashton is recommended in Erotic flow. I also like the simple Beginner Anal Kit.

If you have any more questions, feel free to message me!
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I was wondering if someone with some experience could enlighten me on anal play. Any info would be great from toys to learning how to start. Any info or experience would be great. Also who enjoys anal in you relationship? Thank You.
My partner and I mutually agreed we wanted to try anal sex which lead to a great first experience. These are what I consider the most important tips:

1. Get warmed up and orgasm before you start anal play. This will relax your body and your anal sphincters.
2. Use lots of lubrication and don't be afraid to ask for more. I like to rub a small amount of silicone lube around the opening and up to about two inches inside. This helps prevent the water-based lube from being absorbed into the skin and drying up.
3. Start with a finger or small toy. If your partner is using these toys or their fingers, say what feels good and what doesn't- nobody likes the guessing game. To familiarize yourself with the feeling and relax your sphincter muscles, insert a small toy and let it stay there for awhile.
4. Take your time. Let this be a gradual building up experience rather than a race to a finish.
5. Shit happens. Excluding irregular digestive issues, as long as you have a bowel movement sometime before sex, there is very little risk of any excrement interrupting your love life. However, if it does, wipe it off, laugh a bit, then move on and continue enjoying yourself. Don't use anal douches as they can be damaging and painful. If you aren't convinced, squirt a small amount of distilled water into your rectum and expel it. This will wash away any debris.

I still have anal sex with my partner on a regular basis and we both really enjoy it. As long as you are warmed up, go slow, and communicate with your parter, anal sex should never be painful. Like any sex act though, this should be pleasurable for everyone involved, not just the giver. For additional information, here is a relatively comprehensive video on anal sex
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Thank You guys! All the wonderful information, it is greatly appreciated.
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we both like it
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Originally posted by deltalima
Neither thankfully.
Not to call you out on it or anything, but why do you say "Thankfully?" I think a simple "neither" would suffice.

Just because its something that you're not a fan of, doesn't mean that other people can't be a fan of it.

What ever happened to not saying "yuck" to what someone else says "yum" to?
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My husband does.
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We both do, but I enjoy it more than she does. I'd done it with two other partners before we met; she'd never done it before.

I like pegging and using toys during solo play. She mainly just likes being lightly fingered without anal penetration while I'm giving her oral. We also have anal sex sometimes and we want to try PIV sex with a small anal plug inside her.
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Both! Hehe
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Me (husband). Trying to get wife to do it but as of now just mostly anal play.
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We both enjoy anal.
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We both do! I love it when he goes for it and sometimes I ask.
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I enjoy giving(gf) and my girlfriend loves receiving
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I kind of answered this wrong I think. My bf always has enjoyed anal (with me) but not with toys on their own. During anal sex I'm not a huge fan but do it more for their enjoyment.
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My boyfriend is bi. With women he likes giving and with men he likes receiving.

My husband dabbles in giving once in a while, but anal toys are almost always used.

I enjoy receiving anal toys and anal sex with mu boyfriend. He knows what it is like, so he can warm me up better. I have a bit of a shy butt, so I need coaxing, but I love it.