I need something in between the big end and super big end

I need something in between the big end and super big end

Angelica Angelica
I have a plug basically the same size as the big end and bought the big end. I cant seem to get it in just yet and I dont have anything that is quite in between enough to ease into it. I am using anal lube (by system jo?).

I tried to search by size on EF but cant find much... Any other tips would be helpful for this feat!
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
If I understand your question the Big End at 1.75" is too large for you - I can easily see this being an issue. Personally I find 1.5" easier to handle - and I agree with your choice of silicone for the but plug - although I wouldn't rule out Njoy metal or the variety of class toys out there.

Here are some silicone plugs to look at:
B-Bomb link 1.25"
Bronco link 1.25"
Tristan link 1.5"

For fun you may want to try some glass - although hard, they are so slippery that they go in pretty easily - besides that they are like butt jewelry!
Moonshine: link 1.625"
Sexy Spades: link 1.5"
Violet Ripple: link 1.5"
Pink Ripple: link 1.5"
AvgJon AvgJon
I also recommend the Moonshine above..

Two of the very best on the market:

Tantus Ryder 1.5" (Silicone) link

Njoy Pure Plug Large 1.5" (Stainless) (top right in pic below) link
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