Prostate Massagers

Contributor: leatherjacket leatherjacket
: From Your Experience, which Prostate Massager has been Your Favourite & Why?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Useful topic breakdown on Wand massagers:

Advice on prostate massagers: where to start?
I have a definate taste in anal toys, but I am uncertain where to start for a prostate massager. Does anyone have suggestions for an effective starter

Are the Fairy wands worth it?
I am interested in the fairy wands since they are the Eden friends with benefits toys right now. I have read the reviews I was just wanting some more.

Wand frustration!
So I love my acuvibe mini- it's got a nice strong deep thrum-y vibration - BUT it's only strong for about the first 5 minutes out of the charger....

Wand Massagers....what are they and how do they work?
I see these strange Wands and Massagers everywhere. They have all these attachments and stuff but the heads of these things, that I'm assuming do the.

Pure Wand for Newbie
So I bought the Pure Wand for p spot stimulation for myself and it has been worth every penny....incredible. I have read so many good reviews on from
Contributor: markwashere markwashere
Well it wasn't a prostate messager, but it was a jelly butt plug that is a similar shape to the Tantus bronco and i guess it stimulated my prostate because of the length and width. I think i could have a hands-free orgasm if i clenched my PC muscles over and over again...