Soooo... Gaping - Am I doing it right?

Soooo... Gaping - Am I doing it right?

BiBrian BiBrian
Hi everyone. So, I've recently been hooked up on the idea of gaping - both for myself and my partner. We've started training around a week ago, and I still seem to be unable to accept anything over 2 inches in diameter. To be honest, from the start I felt pain even from some 1-inch toys, but it's been a week you guys! Does gaping training really take so long? I have a few toys I really hope to fit one day, without the pain - the Big Boy link, and this Expand plug link - as far as I know, those are used specifically for gaping!

I don't understand it - if I'm moving too fast and being hasty, I want to know. Or is gaping something not everyone could do? Really waiting for your help here.
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Nov 5, 7:56 am
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I'd have to say that you do seem to be a bit impatient. I have no idea if you will ever be able to gape - but I do have some experience with larger toys.

I can do about 2.25" but that took months to achieve. If there is ever pain you need to stop - this is not a courage issue. It's about allowing your body to adapt to what you are asking it to do.

Try running a marathon - or even a 10K without adequate training - you are likely to hurt yourself. You get my point...

Almost everyone knows that there can never by too much lube - and because the anal muscles wipe the lube from your toys, frequent reapplication needs to be a part of the process.

I have found tapered toys like the Tantus Champlette are great for training. I even have the original Champ (it goes a little over 2" at the base) - which is quite a bit larger than the Champlette - but sadly has been discontinued.

Tonight is typical; getting ready for my wife tonight I did some anal cleansing (enema) and put in a 1.5" glass butt plug. Once everything settles down, I'll jump in the shower and start working in my 2" glass plug. I use conditioner for lube in the shower.

Once the 2" plug is in, I will wash, shave and shampoo. In between each step I will work the plug in-and-out about 15-20x. So by the time I get out my sphincter muscles know what's coming.

Since my wife prides herself on her "big dick" - when she takes out the plug, she will lube up her fingers and begin working from 1 finger to 4 - all the while teasing mw about how she's going to f**** me until she cums.

It's all rather fun - but working out the details and best practices took months - not days.

Best of luck - and slow down!
Nov 6, 8:02 pm
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