Which Plug to buy?

Which Plug to buy?

Meuser1991 Meuser1991 05/17/2012

So I really want to get a good plug to wear around. Which of these is the best?

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Meuser1991 Meuser1991
1). I am a male so please keep that in mind
2). Also open to other options
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Chou Wang Chou Wang
Hey, the pure plugs are a good choice for the bedroom but personally I'm not a big fan for wearing it for a longer time as they are metal, meaning quite heavy and after a while tend to slip out The second thought is that when you wear them outside of your home, while driving for instance I wouldn't like to know what happens to your colon and anus when you get into an accident. I'd go with softer materials like the Ryder - much safer and much more comfortable. Not slipping put easily too.
Why Not? Why Not?
I like the Pure plugs. I have the medium and frequently wear it out of the house. The small neck makes it comfortable for long term wear/walking around, and the shape of the bulb really makes it lock in. The best part about it is the weight of it makes sure you don't forget that it is in there. My only complaint is that the base does eventually become a little uncomfortable if sitting for long periods of time. Have fun.
Missmarc Missmarc
Originally posted by Meuser1991
1). I am a male so please keep that in mind
2). Also open to other options
You should get the pure plug medium. I have it and love it.
AvgJon AvgJon
Go with the lage pure plug.
It's not that much bigger and very comfortable long term.

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