Wooden Dildos

Contributor: BunnyBoy BunnyBoy
Wooden Dildos. How are they for anal sex?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
Originally posted by BunnyBoy
Wooden Dildos. How are they for anal sex?
I wouldn't think very good unless you used a condom and preferred firmer toys.
Contributor: MeliPixie MeliPixie
Actually wooden toys are coated and (if I recall correctly) fired with a non-porous glaze, so they're perfectly safe and sterilize-able for anal sex and sharing, and they're smooth hand hand-shaped to perfection ^_^ Hope that helps!
Contributor: PussyGalore PussyGalore
Really firm toys are bad for anal sex, there needs to be flexibility.
Contributor: Waterfall Waterfall
The wooden dildo that I own does not have a flared base, so I have not tried it for anal use... If I were to use a wooden dildo for anal I would say to take things slowly because to me it feels larger/firmer than glass and use a condom.
Contributor: BunnyBoy BunnyBoy
Thanks for you posts everyone!