DP Curious couple, where to start!? (Dildo recommendations)

DP Curious couple, where to start!? (Dildo recommendations)

Dina81 Dina81
Hello everyone,
Me and hubby have always been pretty curious about trying out DP, so we decided that we would buy Dildo.
Neither of us have any real experience with sex toys and to be quite honest the sheer amount of items/toys to choose from makes this task quite overwhelming.

My husband is on the large side, in fact, I found a toy which basically identical to his member both in shape and size on the site called jeff stryker.
In order to accommodate both him and a toy I was hoping to find something average in terms of size and not too stiff.

I've found one so far which looks nice: Jelly Royales Dong Junior

Got any thoughts on the dildo in the link, got any other ones you would like to recommend? any comments would be appreciated!
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dv8 dv8
Jelly is an unsafe material and will deteriorate over time. If you're just trying something out for the first time, jelly's cheap but you should use a condom over the toy. I recommend that you browse the pure silicone dildos; you should be able to find something that isn't much more expensive than the dong junior.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
When browsing, you can look to the left of the shopping pages and sort out toys by size, material, features, etc. If you have a particular size in mind, you might find that helpful. Just to give you an idea of how this works, here I narrowed it down to G-spot dildos made of silicone that are less than 4" long. You can look through the options and search for whatever you like. It's also helpful to read the reviews on the products you look at to get in-depth information.

As dv8 said, jelly's not the best material. It's cheap and some people really like it, but it's best to use a condom over them and not keep it for longer than a year at most if that's what you decide to get. Try silicone. It's one of the best materials forever, is easy to clean and can last a lifetime.
MGDavicnigirl MGDavicnigirl
My husband and I are both experimenting with DP as well. I bought this as an anal toy and I really really like it. Not to big, not too small.

Rawhide Rawhide
I've heard that the Tantus Mark is a good toy for DP
Rossie Rossie
If you don't have much sex toy experience, especially in the anal arena, I'd suggest you to get an anal plug first. Start anal play with your fingers (always with lots of lube), then continue on to using a plug, and when you're completely comfortable with the plug, THEN graduate to using a silicone dildo with a smaller girth like the Acute with 1.25" diameter. Even though you want to use a toy matching your husband's measurement, don't rush into things, the anal muscles are not flexible like the vagina's.
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