Gradually bigger toys and learning curve ?

Gradually bigger toys and learning curve ?

Chirple Chirple
So, I have a Share that I bought a long time ago, but I have never been able to use it.

I know that I can handle 1", but I can use neither end of the Share no matter what I try.

If I bought toys in size increments, like 1 1/4" and 1 1/2", would I be able to work up to the 1 3/4" ? Would there be a permanent anatomical change or would I have to work up to it every time ?

I've heard people on here talk about being able to use larger toys now than they would have thought when they first started, so I'm just wondering how it works and what I can reasonably expect from my anatomy.

I searched for this before posting and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.
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Callisto Callisto
Originally posted by Chirple
So, I have a Share that I bought a long time ago, but I have never been able to use it.

I know that I can handle 1", but I can use neither end of the Share no matter what I try.

If I bought toys in size increments, like 1 1/4" ...
I've heard a couple women here say the vagina is kind of like memory foam, unless there is severe damage done to the tissue it'll always go back to normal.

Two things you need to think about. When you are fully turned on your body changes and you could most likely take something larger than you could when you are just a little turned on. Most women recommend warming up with a smaller toy then going on to the larger one..

That said from personal experience I'm prolly naturally able to take a 1 1/4" without any issue, but I have toys that go up to 1 7/8" and can use them after being warmed up completely. These toys are also not overly firm so if you're worried about discomfort I would go for a dual density or softer silicone toy. Something with some give to it.

Maybe look at the Vixskin Spur which is a solid 1 1/4" or the vixskin mustang which is a 1 1/4" that tapers to a 1 1/2" diameter.


This is a good thread to check out.
Antipova Antipova
Codename Nymphette's done a great job explaining this.

For my part, by the time I started using sex toys, 1.5" came naturally to me, and I slowly worked up, mostly by having still-slender dildos, but with raised texture. By the time I got Lone Star (1 and 7/8") , my body was like "hold on there!" and the first time I tried to use it I literally spent an hour before I could get the head in. But once I did, it was wonderful... and I just sort of stopped caring what size a toy was when I went to use it.

I had another "WAIT! YOU CAN'T JUST DO THAT TO ME!" moment from my vagina whenever I tried to switch from the 1.75" end of the Eleven, and then I decided to try it on my period, when my body is much stretchier. It went in pretty easily, and I've been able to take it ever since. (Always with warmup from the smaller end, of course!)

So, I would recommend getting a few slightly bigger toys, and using your 1" toys for warmup and then switching to a slightly bigger diameter. And, I would recommend doing that on your period or another time you know you're most stretchy.

And, no, not a permanent anatomical change. I am still totally satisfied by 1" toys (Gold Laced G!), and my partner says I can still squeeze his cock as tightly as ever, even though I've now started dabbling in the league of the Hottie Xtra.
Callisto Callisto
Ok now I wanna add something too. hehe

Don't immediately assume bigger toys = better. One of my favorite toys is the Vixskin Mustang which seemed slightly underwhelming when I received it. Play around with sensations and try out bigger toys just to make sure you enjoy the sensation of being stretched and full.
Chirple Chirple
Thanks ! I really appreciate it.

After I posted this thread, I made some discoveries. Apparently, I still have an intact hymen, somehow, and it's quite thick. I had asked my doctor about it previously and she didn't think it would be a problem. But I'm thinking it is.

I'd been having a lot of trouble with being "too small". I couldn't be penetrated with my partner no matter how hard we tried. My doctor was suspecting I wasn't relaxed enough, but I didn't think that was it. Even my partner thought this might be the case - that I was worrying too much and tightening up.

I think it's the hymen because if I get past it with something small, there's much more "wiggle room" in the vagina itself.

I don't want to go big just for the sake of big - but it would be nice to explore the great big world of penetrative sex.

So I guess I'm going to gradually go up and hope this Magic Hymen stretches or breaks (or talk to my doctor again). I had honestly thought I'd already "popped the cherry". I wonder if it healed or relaxed back from being stretched/torn before. O.o
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