Whatever happened to the Tentacle and Tentacle Jr?

Contributor: ArcaneBlast ArcaneBlast
I saw these two here a few months ago, but now they've disappeared off the site! I know they still make these because the company that produces them are still selling them, so why were these taken off this site?
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Contributor: The Vixen The Vixen
They're still here, they're just out of stock. The search tool no longer shows out of stock items by default, so that may by why you don't see them. They're still in the catalog, here's the links:


Tentacle Jr
Contributor: Pixel Pixel
You could always check out Whipspider Rubberworks on Etsy...I've been waiting 6 months for the tentacles to come back in stock. :/
Contributor: ArcaneBlast ArcaneBlast
Hmm, I noticed a lot of the 'out of stock' items never come back in stock though
Contributor: Hummingbird Hummingbird
I've been waiting for the Tentacle too and have it saved in my wish list to see when its in stock. I have notification turned on for it but always like to check my wish list anyway.