I make my own toys. I am selling one of them online now. It's a high end toy for advanced users. Let me know what you think!

Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Intersting - IMO it needs work. Perfect dual density like Vixskin or O2 and you've got something. Bad Dragon toys are either too soft or too hard and most Tantus toys are too hard.

Anyway that's my 2 cents
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
I like it!
TheToyGuy , louise83
2  (50%)
I hate it!
Sir , Abeyance
2  (50%)
I wish I could take something that big!
Total votes: 4
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Contributor: Vnessa Vnessa
Congratulations, you are among the few with big enough ballz to jump in with both feet and go after the American Dream! How exciting to be doing something you are passionate about

It's a wee bit large for my "taking" but I do love the remove-o-balls! Great concept there. Love the catchy name too.
Contributor: BlackOrchid BlackOrchid
It's not for me but I do agree with Vnessa that the removable balls is kind of a genius concept.
Contributor: TheToyGuy TheToyGuy
I love the concept and implementation. But I must wonder if the item, overall, is aesthetically pleasing?
Contributor: Sir Sir
Interesting design, but it looks like poop. Literally. I would not spend $100 on it personally. Forgive my being blunt, I just figured I would let you know, as a consumer, my opinion on it. For example, if it was smoothed and made to look more realistic, then that would be great. Or if it had some sort of aesthetically pleasing shape, then that would be fine too. As it is now, it looks like, well, you know.
Contributor: Abeyance Abeyance
I agree with Sir I'm afraid; however I do love the concept of the removable balls - complete genius! For me though they do look a little comedic, I hate to sound horrible but my first thought was of those fake dangly balls in Jackass à la Bad Grandpa.

The other thing that hits me is the obvious turd shape (I think it's the 'bubbly' texture), to me a toys appearance is almost as important as the feeling it provides, a well sculpted dildo is indeed a thing of beauty! I also have concerns about all the various nooks and crannies...the way the balls are 'affixed' looks too rough and unfinished. Do they slip even with the 'drag' that silicone affords?

Honestly for the price I would expect a more polished product, as mentioned earlier...I think if you smoothed it out and give it more defined glans/discernible penis shape then you'd be on to a winner.

As negative as I seem, I think you have some great ideas and huge kudos to you for making it happen!