Lone star vs other Vixskin toys

Contributor: Rawhide Rawhide
I'm curious to see how this turned out. Was the next one softer?
Contributor: Nissa Nissa Nissa Nissa
I'm wondering too. My johnny is just a tiny bit firmer than my other vixskin toy.
Contributor: Brandonnn Brandonnn
Real nice all around with pretty tight quality control
Contributor: 3d3n1 3d3n1
Oops, I forgot all about this...

As mentioned, I did order another, and while my request wasn't received before the order processed and shipped... I was fortunate enough that the Lonestar I received was much softer, like the Johnny I had.

I later got another Bandit, since my first one was a little mistreated in storage... and it was definitely firmer than Johnny or the new Lonestar.

So it looks like some variation does happen.
Contributor: KaraSutra KaraSutra
Johnny is softer, but it could be due to the size, the larger girth may be to blame.