Good dildo to practice oral?

Puck Puck
Flexi risque review
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What is the best dildo to use to practice deep throating? Any one have recommendation?
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Girly Juice Girly Juice
Check out Tantus's O2 line, especially the Adam O2, and anything made of VixSkin. They're all very realistic. It mainly just depends on the dimensions you want.
prettynpink prettynpink
Originally posted by Puck
What is the best dildo to use to practice deep throating? Any one have recommendation?
i don't know but Ive been wondering the same
Istanbull Istanbull
I asked the same question in another thread, so looking for answers too. I need mine to have a suction cup so I can stick it to the wall in my shower.

I used to have the Euro Cock & Balls and it was AMAZING! It looked and felt 100% real. I really could just close my eyes and imagine my lover standing before me as I pleased him. Unfortunatly living situations forced me to dispose of it and I miss it dearly. Now I'm looking for a new one with little luck. I just returned the Adam's Pleasureskin Cock because it was just about 2" thick. There was no way I could fit it in my mouth comfortibly, let alone deep throat it. But it was just as real feeling as my past dildo. But I will say the Adam's cock had a stiff core in its shaft, something I see as a major improvement in the design of the UR3 cocks.
Istanbull Istanbull
How about This One?
spiced spiced
I wish I'd seen this post at the time it went up. This is an obsession of mine! My current favorite for deepthroat "practice" is the Noches Latinas Realistic Cock. I have the massive 8" version (and yes, I've learned to deepthroat it completely!), but it also comes in a more realistic 6 1/2" length. It's the most realistic "pseudo-penis" I've ever seen/felt.

I can think of only one better way to overcome your gag reflex--and that would be by practicing on the real thing. As a married guy with same-sex desires, but who refuses to consider cheating on my wonderful wife, the real thing is no longer an option. But the Noches Latinas is the next best thing.

My next dildo for this purpose will be the Jeff Stryker UR3. Which will present quite the challenge!
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