Oxballs Thug: multi purpose

Contributor: PurpleReign PurpleReign
I've been AWOL for years here on on Eden, but a renewal of toy play with my wife has brought a peculiar, but possibly very interesting, toy ourways from the gay toy manufacturers.

This would be the Oxballs Thug

I've written reviews on Eden about larger platinum silicone dildos, and the Tantus (and I think discontinued Jolie) cock rings. This Oxballs toy so far seems a very fine combination of both - though invented and marketed for the gay community. I'll follow in the days ahead with my thoughts and practical experience, but trying it on tonight, it does seem a very interesting blend of cock ring and dildo/sheath (the girth, which may end up being double for some wearers/partners, and yet all0ws a profound exposure of the wearer's cock compared to say the Vixen Colossus, which encases the member inside [I purchased a Vixen version before the Colossus, which is siting unused, apart from an fervent attempt to try to fit the smaller dimensions to purpose.]

As I said, after this weekend's 'trial', I will report, but I already suspect it will be a hit. Although the original design was to simulate (and extend) penetration in one orifice by double, in hetero sex it can be broadened to double size vaginal (size queens)...or even to one partner/double penetration.

On the Oxballs site (or a prime vendor) I recall a comment from a disabled hetero customer (who was looking at extensions, sheaths etc.), that pointed out that the gay community had a lot of the best toys.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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