Kegel Toys- n00b adivce?

Kegel Toys- n00b adivce?

Mari Mari
I can do kegels, and I try to do them regularly. But they stay weak. I'm looking to get some sort of toy/aid that I can keep inside me to remind me to do my kegels all the time. I've been browsing through the Ben Wa balls, vaginal balls and kegel toys, and (wonderfully, as always) there are just so many different options! I'm not complaining about the options; I just have no idea where to start.

Plus I'm one of those college students whose existence is supported by her parents. Parents who (wisely, I may add) haven't given me a credit card. Also, I just prefer cash. I suspect my mother would wonder should I magically get a credit card and start ordering stuff from "Web Merchants".
(last paragraph TL;DR: I don't have money to buy stuff)

So I would really like to narrow my options.

When you started on kegel toys, what worked better? Loose ball(s) or one of the toys with a string? A single or double (like the Teneo Uno or the Teneo Duo)? Or would something like the SinFive Emigi be better (since it doesn't have much of a gap between the two orbs)? What are your personal preferences?

I don't have a small vagina, so that's not an issue at all (if that makes any difference in the advice I'll get).

And as a general "Mari has no idea what she's doing" question, for double ball ones, do you insert only one in and clench around the middle, or do you insert both orbs?
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Gracie Gracie
Well my favorite the intensity is probably beyond your budget, but it is the best! I have some ben wa balls and emigi. I think they are fun to use and help with arousal, but did nothing for me in terms of improving muscle tone. Using Energie did make a difference. I would recomend that or the kegelcisor over any of the ball types. To use the balls you insert both orbs. Good luck choosing something right for you!
Mari Mari
Thank you! I'm trying to figure out what I'm getting before the sale is over!
Anybody else have advice?
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