Suggestions for what to get next?

Suggestions for what to get next?

zeebot zeebot
I just got the Silk Large: link and I really like it. I'd like to get something similar but not too similar, does anyone have suggestions? Ideally I'm looking for something similarly sized but maybe shaped a bit differently.

I know I can use the search for this (and I am), but I'm interested to hear if anyone else has similar dildos they really like?
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- Kira - - Kira -
I have heard good things about the Sedeux line. The Skyn is the same size as the Silk Large and sort of similar in shape.

Happy Valley has really nice silicone. It's a good bit firmer than the Silk Large is. The Big Boy is 1.5", so a little bigger than the Silk Large is listed as. The Delight is 1 1/4", so a little smaller. Hottie is 1.5".

Vixen makes awesome stuff. The Vibrating Leo is a little smaller than the non-vibrating version at 1.5". You can just not use the vibrations if you don't want them. They have the regular Leo as well, but that's larger.

The Fetish Fantasy Elite 4.5" is similar is shape, but tapers. It's 1.5".

My personal recommendation is to go with Vixen or Happy Valley. They make great stuff. Worth mentioning is that the Silk Large is a bit floppy (I have the Silk Medium and it's floppy, so I'm assuming the Large is as well) and the others are not, so the feel will be different.
- Kira - - Kira -
Oh, also? I don't have the Large to measure it and I've heard that the Silk's are actually smaller than the product page listed size. If I recall, my Medium is. So I was searching on the listed size for the Large. You may want to measure it for size before buying something that's close in size but a little bigger based on the product page size and ending up with something too big. It lists 1 3/8" but if it's smaller than that you may not want to jump to the 1.5" ones unless you think you'd be comfortable with it.
Rawhide Rawhide
Silky! Average size, bends and stays bent into any curve. Love it!
zeebot zeebot
Oooh, great tips, thanks!
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