Are Rechargeable "Green Sex Toys" Any Good?

Are Rechargeable "Green Sex Toys" Any Good?

Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
This heading is "Green Sex Toys" - honestly I'm not overly concerned about how green my toys are. I buy rechargeable mostly because the top-end companies make them.

Here's the rub - in the last month 3 expensive rechargeable toys have gone bad - as follows:

1. Lovense vibrating plug - these things cost about $75. Mine went bad in about 6 months.

2. Fun Factory Stronic Enis - this is a $200 toy that went bad after less than 6 months.

3. Jimmy Jane Form 6 - this one I got for $100 on sale from JJ. It's 8 months old - caput.

All 3 suffer from the same problem - they are unable to hold a charge.

So far Lovense and Fun Factory have come through with replacements - JJ is working on it. But when you read the fine print - they will replace the toy 1 time - if that one goes bad, you're sh** out of luck!

What's your experience with so-called "Green Sex Toys?"
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OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
Knock on wood. So far excellent. We always recharge asap and before each use. I hv heard others have not been as fortunate. Our FF .Drei is still pumping strong, Tango still dancing, wands still performing magic .

Only duds were the G spot Infinity vibe and Hitachi - like Wand) and that's before we started our recharge routine. Fortunately I got my money s worth/O's from them before they went kaput . Ahhhh, I still have fond memories of that " Orange Dream Machine "

I will add, hubs takes care of the toys. He charges my Womenizer, Tango and what's current every few days whether used or not. He also does all the cleaning when I'm done.

Good husband
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