Ky your's and mine

Ky your's and mine

momma22js momma22js
What are your thoughts on it? Hubby wants to try it but I am unsure
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bdvnt bdvnt
We tried it and were unimpressed. Maybe it was just us, but I thought it was just lube. It didn't do anything special as far as I'm concerned. Same with the KY Intense. Just hype.
Peggi Peggi
I didn't like it because when it worked it didn't work all that well and I had a reaction to it, but that could cause me to feel a little bias about it
WierdAl WierdAl
Originally posted by momma22js
What are your thoughts on it? Hubby wants to try it but I am unsure
Don't read the reviews on Eden.
Jaimes Jaimes
I never really liked it. It certainly does something, I'm just not sure I really enjoyed whatever "IT" was.
Angelica Angelica
I really liked it. I like both warming and cooling lubes so it was a fun go for me.
Illumin8 Illumin8
We love it. Based on the reviews here, we're in the minority, though. Here's my take on it: Easily One of Our Favorites
P'Gell P'Gell
I would never use it, ever. I am sensitive to glycerin (like many people) and lubes that warm or tingle cause irritation to my body, especially my sensitive places. I prefer sex to taste and smell like sex.

From the Eden Reviews on KY Mine and Yours 16 reviewers gave it only one star and many only gave it two.

IMO, there are much better lubes out there. Some people do like it, but many do not, I'd read the reviews (highlighted above so you can click on it and see the reviews) and see what you might like or not like about it.

Me, I like my lubes in the background. My Man, his penis, his tongue, his hands, my entire body and our toys are the highlights of our sex life.

Good luck. I'd read all the reviews before you buy this pricey lube.
I'll Miss You EF :( I'll Miss You EF :(
HATED IT! If you are looking for dual sensations, my boyfriend and I play with the Synergy collection by Wet International. One of us gets cooling and the other one gets heating!
Ciao. Ciao.
We have not tried it at all, but I have been very skeptical. If I want lube I want it to make things slick without any weird ingredients. We tend to use Liquid Silk & Maximus pretty much exclusively. But my experience with any KY products in the past is that while they work they are just "okay" at what they do.
married with children married with children
we hated it. would never use it again.
Pink Jewel Pink Jewel
Did not like it.
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