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Don't waste your money on this product, you will end up being a sticky and sad consumer! The lubes' packaging is downright adorable though! This product is only effective if it's being used with a partner.

My overall experience with the product was disappointing, compared to the KY brand products that I have used before. I will never buy this product again. The feeling when it was first applied was nice, but the constant reapplying and stickiness made it go straight to the trash can.

Great idea - poor execution! I will not buy again and have since switched lube brands altogether! K-Y just didn't live up to the hype!

We did not have a pleasurable experience. When combined, we felt a burning sensation that killed the mood for the night. The bottles leak and are a pain to store. I do not recommend this product.

The KY Yours and Mine brand lubes create a nice fusion that spices up activities in the bedroom. The effect is nice, but maybe not worth the high price you will pay to achieve it.

Not what I would expect from the description, very disappointing especially for the price. Bottles leaked when on their sides or stood on caps, and there is no way to stand the bottles upright with caps up. I wouldn't recommend this product.

This product is only sort of worth it. The price you pay for it is about the cost of two standard lubes, but it should be a bit cheaper because of the poor packaging. I would suggest it for people who want just a slight warm or slight tingling feeling in the area of application, but nothing too serious. It balances out pretty well. All in all, not a very exciting set of lubes.

The lubricant is worth buying. The sensations are satisfying. It just doesn't last long enough and is sticky when you're done!

Overall, K-Y Yours and Mine are long-lasting lubricants with pleasant, tingling sensations, though I didn't find anything to really rave about. For their price-point, however, I expected much more. At the very least, I didn't expect to lose half my product to faulty packaging.

K-Y yours and mine may be perfect for those who love to try new and unusual sensations, but it's not right for everyone.

A great way to spice up the night. Cooling for those who like it and warming for those who don't. Add them together and create a unique blend of OH MY GOD! Not for use in water, as per it being water based.

Great product, good for many different uses, not so good in the shower or when used orally, love the warming and cooling sensations as they are not too intense

The product lacked the excitement I was expecting. I felt we would experience an out-of-this-world sensation with the product when the two were mixed together. The promotion of this product had led me to expect an out-of-this-world experience. I experienced the opposite.

Overall, this is a nice lube for a couple just starting out or one that has plenty of cleanup time afterwards.

KY Yours and Mine lube is always marketed to be used together to achieve a mind-blowing experience in the bedroom, full of sensations never before experienced. Unfortunately, you won't get that with this product but you will get disappointment and frustration. When the purpose of a product is to promote couples experiencing new, amazing, and wonderful sensations together during intimacy, the product should achieve that goal. This product did not meet expectations.

It's entirely possible that my fiance simply has an overly sensitive clitoris, but even aside from that, you're left with sub-par sensations from a pair of thick, viscous, sticky lubes. The novelty almost makes them worth a go, but not at this price, in my opinion.

This product will not be good for everyone and can cause negative reactions for some people. The consistency is poor and the performance isn't all it's hyped up to be.

I would not recommend this particular brand of K-Y jelly simply based on the fact that I don't feel it accomplishes what it advertises. It doesn't have any real extra features other than a slight cooling sensation. I think the price is too high, and I think it doesn't even work on a basic level as it doesn't lubricate effectively.

Over all, it's a great product. It has a fantastic warming/cooling sensation that works better than most other lubricants, but unlike the hype, it really didn't make our orgasms stronger. We would definitely buy this again as long as the price comes down a bit.

Overall, I would recommend this product because it really is something special. This product is a wonderful way to just "switch it up" a bit, when you feel like trying something different.

I would not recommend this to anyone. It is messy, has a nasty taste, and costs too much. It makes your parts go numb and cold. It's just not something I would use again.

I would recommend using this lube whether you want to take your time or have a quickie. It will add extra excitement for both you and your partner.

If I could give this zero stars I would. Save yourself some money and clean up (it's messy!) and buy a basic lube.

K-Y yours and mine is an amazing water-based lubricant that provides you with two sensual sensations. One lube is warm and the other is a cooling sensation. Although it can get flaky after sex, and putting too much on may sting, it always takes me to my pleasure zone.

I wouldn't recommend this product unless you enjoy pain at a high cost. The lube doesn't hold up to quality standards and the promised sensations are a complete disappointment. If the price was a lot lower, I would possibly consider trying it again. I tend to be sensitive naturally and the product was too strong for me. The sticky, greasy, dried out feeling leaves much to be desired during intercourse when the pain isn't too intense.

I would recommend this product to everyone. It may be expensive but it is completely worth it in the long run.

The best lube that we have ever used. It stimulates in all of the right areas with special formulas to maximize your pleasure. Since the lube is a thin water-based lube, a lot more physical stimulation can be enjoyed with every movement. Just try not to come too fast!

To me this product was disappointing but it worked with my guy. We did end up just using his lube for a bit and it worked great. The girl lube wasn't compatible with me but you could be a different story. If you've used lubes like this before with no problem it'd probably be ok but this was the first kind I tried so I had no idea.

It was not as exciting as expected, but it is good for those you want to start with something new. I would not advise this product for those with sensitive skin.

Sensations were heightened but the clean up required after isn't my cup of tea. It just didn't last as long as I would have liked for the price.

For the first thing we tried, this was worth it. We still use it but it has led us to try other things.

Overall I would not recommend this product unless you are advanced and enjoy a bit of pain with your pleasure. It just isn't worth the money, the hassle, or the embarassment.

This product is nothing to write home about. It will give some extra stimulation, but it does not last long.

Don't wait your money! There are better lubes out there that are better packaged and not nearly as messy or sticky. I couldn't think of any good think about this lube, it was a total waste of money!

The K-Y Yours and Mine lubricant is not for everyone. It is sticky and hard to wash off. It gives a stinging sensation. It does not last long and it feels good when first applied but after that it feels gross.

Overall, I would say this product is a great buy. It makes sex sessions very enjoyable for both partners. I would recommend to anyone who wants to experience a warming sensation.

K-Y's Yours and Mine claims to make magic in the bedroom. Although Yours and Mine creates a moist and slippery feel, it is far from magic. Yours and Mine is your average lube, nothing special.

Overall, this product is good, fun and exciting for sex. It is definitely worth trying out for the price. You can't beat it.

For months now, I have been intrigued by the KY Your's and Mine commercials. I wanted to experience a passionate night when these two products united. The commerical was all hype and this product didn't do anything for me or my partner. I know there are some other products that work so much better and are not as expensive as this is. My suggestion is to find one of those and save your money.

Honestly, this lube is a disappointment and a waste of time and money. This is definitely not the best I've ever had. Only one aspect of the lube was worthwhile, everything else was a dried up sticky mess.

If you are looking for something new and novel for your sex life, this can be a great product. It provides nice warming and tingling sensations, especially for her. It just makes sex more fun for the two of you. Do be careful though, some people react with the ingredients in this product. But if you have never had problems with lubricants, I would absolutely recommend it.

I really like this lube and have been using it for a year now. I still love the sensations that it creates whether with my husband or on a toy. The combination of the warming and the tingling sensations help to bring me to orgasm even quicker. A little goes a long way and it lasts a long time. Do not eat it and make sure to wipe off your hands after you apply it.

Unless you're looking for a tingly (in my opinion, tingly in not a sexy way) feeling during intercourse, I would skip this product. The warming sensation is also not exciting, according to my partner. However, it's always fun to try something new and maybe you will like something I didn't!

I think this is worth the money. You get two different feelings for the price of one. You get a subtle taste without that sticky feeling.

First time, really? Mine too. Using this sensation lubricate is a great way to start. There was no irritation for me or my partner and the lube went on with a smooth, thick texture and there was no nasty smells or tastes.

This item is worth your moneyt because it intensifies your satifaction while in foreplay and/or intercourse. The eaze of application was fabulous but the drying was very disappointing.

The price, at $17.99 isn't bad for 2 types of lubricants. We use K-Y products regularly, but this I wont use anymore. The orgasms we had were not intensified by this product. I felt it was kind of more of a distraction than anything.

We were super excited to test this product out. And....we were beyond disappointed. We tried this 5 times and each time wound up with the same experience. The packaging made it difficult to apply, the tingly sensations did not aid our sexual play, but inhibited it and twice afterwards my wife developed a yeast infection. My advice, stay away.

The product was not very effective. And the stickiness was one of the worst parts. I barely felt anything, and my partner felt nothing. It was supposed to be fun, but was disappointing to say the least.

The packaging is mildly confusing, but if that is the only problem you're having with your lubricants, then you really don't have anything to complain about.

Very exciting. Use the purple/pink bottle on her. Don't worry about the blue one, it doesn't really do that much for the man.

If you like water-based lubricants than this is one you should try. The sensations you get is pretty nice. It's worth a shot in trying if you haven't.

Bring sex up a notch! The intense, long lasting, cooling sensation may work better for her but will leave both of you extremely satisfied.

Before coming to Eden and becoming educated, I used this product for years. Initially, it had been a gift. I like the flavored version of it better and since learning about ingredients this product is concerning. I do like its tingly sensations though... it gets the 3 stars because of the sensations!

This K-Y lube is definitely something every couple should try. It's a nice treat to try when you want to spice up sex a bit. I would suggest buying it, and showing your S.O. as you lead him or her into the bedroom to really give them some excitement!

Giving KY Yours + Mine a try is definitely worth it, if it's at a price you can afford to play with. We found Yours to be fantastic and Mine to be slightly disappointing, but only because of my own sensitivities. There weren't any geysers or swing dancing, but it was absolutely fun and spiced sex up a bit for us.

I will make clear I tried the special edition Strawberry and Chocolate version of this lube. I don't think it was worth the amount that I paid for it. Between the stickiness and sugary flavor I wouldn't use it again.

This product has a combination of things that it can do for a couples sex life. This product not only has the various arousal forms but makes it much easier to feel every little movement when being used. When the two lubricants collide the feelings and sensations are wonderful, and if you can feel a breeze from anywhere in the room, it makes it feel that much better just from the air colliding with the lubricants on the body parts.

I honestly wouldn't buy this again, but like I said before if I was super sensitive this may have had a way different result but being that I am not, well it just was a waste for me.

It was an ok product for a lube but to say it intensify I would be lying. It worked a little better for my husband and he got more out of it then I did.

Yours and Mine didn't work. Instead of having fun and experiencing a new product with my partner, it failed to deliver and was disappointing. No sensations and leaving stickiness afterwards makes the product useless to me.

This is a great product for anyone to try. It allows couples to put the product on in sensuous ways.

As long as you don't have any allergies to the peppermint and lubes in general, this is definitely worth your time. The sensation is shocking and spices up the sack session!

This lubricant is very expensive if you are only using the female lubricant. I would suggest getting a lubricant that contains mint or menthol. KY is a wonderful brand, this is just an mediocre product.

This lube is great for couples looking to spice up their sex life. It is not for everyone. I would check the ingredients list before you buy it.

So basically, between the mess made by the bottles, the bad vaginal reaction and the fact that it was overpriced and did not deliver on it's promise: Fail.

With KY being such a trusted brand I really thought we would be getting a great product with the Yours and Mine, but instead all we got were sticky hands and something to laugh about later. This product is good in theory, but it just didn't work for us.

For the money, it's definitely worth trying out! Even if it doesn't work for you, you still have a cost effective lubrication on hand, so it's not a complete waste like some!

This product is nothing close to what it is advertised to be. There are so many more to choose from that are so much cheaper and offer more sensations than what this offers.

I love this lubricant! It is cute, simple, and just meant to bring the couple together! But it really can be messy.

A good product for her. A nice product for him, being that it does its job on her. Overall, an OK product, but not one to go out and purchase just because you see it everywhere.

Although I really wanted to like the set, I found that they were very underwhelming. They dried quickly, were sticky and leaked everywhere. This product is far too expensive to have so many flaws; but ignoring all of those flaws, it did not work as it should have, with the 'for him' part actually cooling me when it should have warmed. I do not recommend it.

I would recommend this for those that are looking for more of the cooling sensations and maybe someone that wants to try to spice things up a bit. Because it is water based, it is toy friendly.

These lubes come in cute durable bottles, but they are a bit hard to squeeze out. They are not flat on bottom which makes them hard for storage. I was very sensitive to these thin water based lubes!

Yours and Mine... Finally!

If you want something new that works to please both partners, this is the stuff. It's perfect for any situation. Simply apply the lubricants and let them work together to create an explosion of orgasms for both partners! There's nothing like this on the market!

This product is a great buy for couples who just want to add something, or even for those people going solo who want some added sensation. It is a wonderful addition for anybody and I highly suggest this product. I have never been disappointed by it and have bought it twice now and am just about in need of another set! The price is great because it lasts a nice long time since you don’t need to use much. I would never have a toy collection without this!

I would suggest this product to any couple who is looking for a way to feel closer together, while being intimate. It is great for foreplay, and when the "big moment" arrives.

Where as some people like this product, I found the novelty cooling sensation was far from worth the price tag, and the "heating" sensation I wouldn't pay anything for.

Although the packaging of the set is very cute the overall effect falls short. The Mine can become irritating quickly if not washed off soon after use. There is no mind blowing effect when used together like advertised. It can be sticky, but lasts long. If you want a basic tingle that is not mind blowing this one isn't too bad, but there is much better out there.

If you're looking for a way to spice up your love life with a little "hot and cold" action then grab this set of fire and ice inspired lubricant. Heat things up with "His" blue tube and then cool things down with "Hers" purple tube or get adventurous and mix it up! Be ready for a slippery ride because this stuff runs; keep some wipes or a towel at the ready. Go on and give it a try!

This lube was a huge disappointment. I was so excited about trying this lube because of the commercials and it fell flat; it does nothing to heighten any sensations.

Toxic, irritating, scam, chemicals, burning, discomfort, rip off…just a few words and phrases that come to mind! Do not purchase this product unless you crave intense pain and toxic chemicals inserted into your body!

After using some other products that contain some of the same ingredients I would recommend that before spending the money on this product. I've found that some of the cheaper products work just as good if not better.

Both are good products. The "Hers" being better than the "His". It did not burn and greatly intensifies feelings for her. It is not sticky and lasts a long time. It was a little pricy but worth the money. I use the hers for my own fun.

There are certainly better lubricants on the market, but if you are in a bind this lube can be found almost anywhere and will get the job done.

Honestly, I don't think this lubricant set is worth the money. I'd probably go with Eros or something like that.

Over all this worked as a general lube as long as you weren't going to go on past about 30 minutes but don't expect it to go as far as the ads suggest it's going to. At the price that this products comes at I would expect it to perform way above the level it did. It didn't even perform well as a plain lube for this price. This is not a product I would recommend nor will I be purchasing it again.

Overall, it isn't a fantastic product if you are expecting some amazing changes. It is fun to play with as long as you give it the chance to work, and it's fantastic for foreplay that doesn't involve your mouth. I loved it for foreplay followed by sex. I'm not sure how I'd feel about it for just sex.

A little more exciting then your average lube, you have "yours" and I have "mine". Sadly, that's pretty much the only exciting part about this lube.

You NEED to try it out to fully understand why K-Y yours and mine is one of the best lubes on the market. The sensations these two little bottle produce is amazing, however if you are sensitive to menthol be wary.

KY Yours & Mine are pretty much two mediocre lubricants packaged together with absolutely brilliant marketing. I'm sad to say that I found the "sensation" to be lacking. They do work wonderfully as just plain old boring lube, though.

We love this lube, and use it regularly! It is definitely worth the price, and you will be blown away by the effects!

The mix of these lubes is very interesting, but use Mine sparingly to keep from falling into the "too intense" category. Aside from that advice, by all means try Yours+Mine!

The Yours and Mine collection is not worth the money. The cooling is too intense and it leaks after it has been opened and stains items

Great product for beginners who wish to have an easy go-to aid to spice up their sexual experiences. I wouldn't recommend this product if you have particularly sensitive skin due to the intensity of the sensations.

K-Y Yours and Mine is not a product I would recommend. If the end result is loosing lubrication, getting sticky, and having the product leak due to its poor design; this product is probably not for you. There are many lubes out there that will meet and exceed your expectations. If a product requires you to continuously reapply during sex because it dries out, it takes your mind off of sex and puts it on the lube. I would look into something else Eden carries for my money.

This product is the worst lube I have ever tried. Not only did it smell like a hospital, I felt like I needed a hospital after using it.

K-Y Yours and Mine has quickly become one of our favorite lubes. The explosion of warmth and coolness that takes place when the two meet is enough to bring anyone back for more... and more... and more...

Not intended for sensitive skin. However, it does give a tingling and warming sensation and lasts a long time! Great for travel and comes in cute packaging. It would certainly be worth the money if you are not sensitive to warming lubricants.

I can't believe I spent this much money to be in this much pain and agony. I've never had a bikini wax, but I bet it's more pleasurable than using this product.

The initial feeling is great but wears off too quickly. For the price, I expected the whole point of this lubricant to be long lasting. So in the end, I was slightly disappointed as it is not worth the price that is being asked for it.

Please save yourself the money and try a different type of lube. It starts a five alarm fire, not the type anyone wants to deal with. If you're into a burning sensation, this product is for you!

The Yours and Mine was horror from the beginning. I tried my hardest to love this lube, but I couldn't. The sensations may be were too much for me. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It was nice for a one time try. You never know if you like something until you try.

Personally I will not purchase this item again. It just isn't what I like, too thick, sticky, and not universal.

All in all, I'd pass this one up. Not worth the money. Even if it was like $5, I'd advise against it. Wasn't for me.

I would like to say I was glad we tried it, but we weren't. Maybe right for your body chemistry, but definitely not right for ours.

Really nice tingly sensation for the hers, but only every once in awhile. Heating isn't too wonderful on the his. The bottles aren't easy to open and are even harder to pour, and can't be stored upright.

This lubrication, is just not worth the money. You are better off spending your money on something else. The bottles leaked, and it was just messy to me. Not worth the money at all.

I would just pass on getting this product. It is not worth the price tag. This has been the worst lube we have tried in almost 20 years.

This product is great in concept but seems to need a some more reforming. This would be a great way to test out 2 sensations both separately and together and would definitively change and enhance the mood (if it worked correctly).

Overall, it's a more expensive lube, but perfect for couples who want to try something new and add a little spark to their sex life.

All and all this was REALLY disappointing. I had my hopes up expecting to be blown away. It blew me away alright but not in the way that I was hoping for. Personally it's an overpriced mess; you pay 25 bucks to have something that is a pain to clean. I love KY but this was a fail!!!

Keep Yours and Have Mine Too

KY Yours and Mine was inspired by couples and giving the sensation of warmth and tingling in one package to please two partners. Don't get too inspired however, although Yours and Mine is a neatly packaged, and uniquely inspired lubricant... its price tag is a little high and the results don't match. An okay, water-based lubricant, but it just didn't rock my world.

Yours & Mine has many positive and negative aspects, but overall it just isn't worth it. $30 is too much for such a small package, and it takes too much time to get the amount just right. I want something I can grab quickly, and not have to worry about so much.

It is worth the price to purchase this product. I have used this product for 3 years and still am using it!

Overall, these lubes are not worth the price or the hype. Since the warming 'Yours' didn't warm, essentially only half of the product works. There are plenty of silky/not sticky/tingly lubes out there; this product isn't worth it if only half of what they promise is true.

I am ultimately not satisfied with this product as a whole. It would be better as a massage gel rather than a lubricant in our personal testimony after using this product.

As someone who doesn't use lube often, I wanted to experience what the commercial depicted: an earth-shattering orgasm where the angels come out and sing Hallelujah! I didn't get that, however. It just felt like any ordinary lube. If you're looking for the experience the commercial shows, you may be disappointed like I was.

Very disappointing,; I was not satisfied at all and would never buy or recommend this product to any of my friends unless they were going to use it for masturbation.

I did not enjoy this lubricant, though I am sure there is someone out there who does. The Mine lubricant smelled great, but was too intense and short lived. The Yours lubricant really didn't do much on its own, but when we started having sex the feeling was too much for me. Lucky for me, it only lasted a few minutes. Even though I didn't enjoy them together, I don't see a reason not to use the Yours lube by itself, aside from drying up too fast.

This product was a major FAIL for me personally. The "Mine" lubricant gave a nice, tingling, cool sensation. The "Yours" was a dud; there wasn't any warming sensation. I wouldn't use these lubes again after my painful experience with them led to a yeast infection. And I absolutely hated how STICKY these lubricants were. However, if you don't mind sticky lube and you are looking to try something new, perhaps you would want to look into KY Yours and Mine.

I loved using this product. The cooling sensation is nice and the consistency of the product is nice, but I'll definitely not be buying this for $30 when I can find a cheaper lube that will do the same things this does. If there was a more intense feeling when coming together, I would probably change my mind, but this just didn't work (how it's technically supposed to) for us.

Admittedly, it would be hard to live up to the hype; let's face it, little ever does. However, this was a disappointment in almost every area and can cost you down the line if you have menthol sensitivity or are especially prone to yeast infections. In my opinion, stay far away.

This K-Y leaks out of the tubes after use, therefore making it a one time use. When it does work, it burns, making it too uncomfortable for sex.

This lube is fantastic for solo or couple play. You can have a warming sensation or a cooling sensation, or have the best of both worlds. If you can get over the difficult packaging, there is indeed a gem on the inside of those little bottles.

I don't think this product is worth buying because I think it's overpriced for the lack of enhanced feeling it brought. It just wasn't all that exciting to use.

Overall, our experience with this product was horrible. It was money and time wasted. If you want some great lube, keep on looking.

Ignite your passion and dive into a world of ice and flames. Mix both of these lubes to increase sensation and journey into a world of unbelievable satisfaction. Your and Mine is an innovation in the lube industry. Never before has there been so much staying power and intensity in a little bottle of lube.

The tingling sensations for this set of lubricants were really something. My husband and I had never tried anything like it before! Also, I loved the packaging for this set of lube. It's elegant, informative, and beautiful. I am also able to use it for very convenient and beautiful storage. The lube is water based and would make a great gift, but the menthol could cause allergic reactions in some users. Also, although this lube is edible, I didn't think the mintiness of it tasted very good.

I don't think this product is worth buying because I think it's overpriced for the lack of enhanced feeling it brought. It just wasn't all that exciting to use.

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