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I would not recommend this particular brand of K-Y jelly simply based on the fact that I don't feel it accomplishes what it advertises. It doesn't have any real extra features other than a slight cooling sensation. I think the price is too high, and I think it doesn't even work on a basic level as it doesn't lubricate effectively.
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Obviously this product is meant to be combined for partner play, but you can use it individually for solo play as well. However, whether I'm using it with someone or on my own, it's not worth it. If you're expecting some big bang or even just a better orgasm, look elsewhere. The one for her just makes you a little cold down there, but doesn't increase sensitivity at all. My partner did not feel any warming effect and when we combined them, they didn't do anything... just a big dud. We had the normal sensations of sex with an added stickiness, due to the fact that it just makes things sticky. It doesn't even work as an effective lube. There are plenty of less expensive lubes that lubricate a lot more effectively and have cooling and warming effects... not to mention if you want warmth, you can slightly heat it in the microwave (not too much, watch out for burns), in a microwave safe container, of course. So overall, I would definitely not recommend K-Y yours and mine. It's overpriced and under effective just so you can get the K-Y label. Side note: try different lubes to find the one that suits you and be careful of warming lubes, because the more friction you create the hotter it can become, sometimes painfully so. Be careful, and make sure it doesn't conflict with any of your allergies, and if you have any allergic reaction (itching, swelling, hives, or pain) then consult a physician or go to the hospital. Also, make sure to check the ingredients on any lube for anything you're allergic to, as different lubes use different ingredients. Make sure to read the instructions, make sure it doesn't interact with anything you're using, and that it doesn't affect your condoms. Also, some condoms have lube on them, so take care and make sure to read the entire material list that comes with the product to make sure that it won't interact badly.
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Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This lube had a sticky texture, which defeated the purpose and just made it more uncomfortable. It pours out rather thick and it stays in place. That's not exactly a positive thing as it just makes things sticky. The one for her causes a cooling sensation, and the one for him is supposed to cause a warming one, though I can't attest to it actually warming anything. Try out different brands, find the one that suits you. Some are sticky, some greasy, and some just make you wet in a more natural way. Experiment and find the one that makes you the most comfortable at a price that's right for you and gives you the most enjoyment in the bedroom, or whatever room you happen to be in. I have found a few K-Y lubes I enjoyed, though I never enjoy the price.
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Taste / Aroma

I found it to be neutral in taste and smell, but the sticky texture isn't exactly pleasant in the mouth. Although there are plenty of flavored lubes out there, I'm not really partial to them as the taste is never what you expect, in my experience. However, if you don't enjoy lube during oral, flavored is a good way to combat that. While they don't always taste as advertised, it's not usually a bad taste, either. But as for K-Y, the taste is neutral but the texture makes it taste nasty, just because it feels nasty in your mouth.


It lasted for a while, but not in a good way... it was just sort of there. With soap and water, or even just warm water, it washes off pretty easy, though I prefer a lube that just requires wiping with a wash cloth and nothing else. I suppose the cooling sensation was interesting, so that's a positive. The thing I liked the least was the price, but I'm on a budget right now so I might be a little stingy with cash.
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Follow-up commentary
I still do not enjoy this lube, I think it falls short of its claims and do not recommend it. I have enjoyed other K-Y lubes but this one is sticky, messy, and disappointing. I see no reason to get it except for the slight cool sensations it gives. Even the cooling sensation does not make up for all that this product is lacking. I did not enjoy this my partner did not enjoy this and after giving it a try I wish I hadn't. This was money in the trash and I may as well throw it in the trash. It is sitting in a drawer unused and that is wasteful. I just can't bring myself to use this, it's sticky and I prefer something that feels more natural. Don't waste your money find another lube this is not worth your time.
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    I'm sorry that this lube didn't work out for you, but I would have preferred to read more on the actual lube you are reviewing rather than on lubes in general. My advise for next time is that you focus on the characteristics of the product you are reviewing instead of talking critically about other kinds in the same review. For example, the bit about flavoured lubes being good for oral... This isn't a flavoured lube, so I see no point to that part.
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    I try not to taste lubes as I do not think any of them taste good. I always prefer to wash it off before using my mouth on lubed areas.
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