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Yours and Mine... Finally!

If you want something new that works to please both partners, this is the stuff. It's perfect for any situation. Simply apply the lubricants and let them work together to create an explosion of orgasms for both partners! There's nothing like this on the market!
Warming sensations, Tingling sensations, Cooling sensations, Two bottles, Sturdy bottles
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So my hubby and I picked some of this up at Walgreen's the other night and we were very surprised with our results. KY hasn't always treated us great. We've used several KY lubricants that either had us in pain, trying to wash the stuff off, or just felt like literally nothing. But these two bottles are promising and definitely products that each couple should give a try and keep around the bedroom!

For starters, you'll need to take a look at the ingredients and make sure there are no allergens in this product that might upset you. These ingredients are featured on the bottles.

Yours for him™: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Maltodextrin, Honey (Miel), Methlyparaben, Sucralose.

Mine for her:™: Water (eau), Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 60, Hydroxyethycellulose, Bonzoic Acid, Menthyl Lactate, Methyl Sallcylate, Parfume (Fragrance), Sodium Hydroxi

I would NOT use either of these for anal play. The sensations will be too strong for the sensitive tissues of the anus and you will end up in a lot of pain. Just take my advice!

Yours for Him is intended for use on the shaft of the penis, and even the scrotum if you'd like.

Mine for Her can be applied directly to the clitoris and all around the vagina. However you'd like. But it also feels great on the nipples and heightens sensations there as well.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Both of these lubricants feel pretty greasy, aside from being water-based. They are very runny and thin, and if you are not careful you will spill this stuff everywhere. So take your time, pop open the cap, and apply slowly. My husband and I found it easiest for me to apply it to him, and then to myself. Then to wash my hands. (Or vice versa) Otherwise, we both have greasy hands and that just isn't fun!

It runs down the skin as fast as a thin tanning oil, such as one made with coconut. That's what I thought of immediately when applying this product.

Both lubes will easily leave spots on bedsheets, clothing, etc. that will not simply "evaporate". You will need to wash any fabric that comes in contact with either lubricant. Luckily, the husband and I are at a hotel so that's not our problem!

Taste / Aroma

Mine for Her has a slight odor. Nothing unpleasant. Very similar to a muscle rub... But believe me, the odor is very slight. Yours for Him has an even slighter smell, but I would honestly consider it to be odorless because you have to practically have it up your nose to notice it.

Just a funny tidbit, I was about to sneeze and not realizing the puddle of this that I had just poured in my hand (I know, how the hell do you not realize that?) I put my hand over my nose and accidentally snorted this stuff! Hence the reason I said "you have to practically have it up your nose to notice it".

Both lubricants have a very light taste, so oral sex is not an issue. Eat away!


I would give the sensations from this product a 5 star rating. Not overpowering, but enough to make your night very pleasureful and fun! My clitoris felt far more sensitive (in a good way) and I was able to climax several, several times throughout the night. This is a new thing for me because it usually takes forever for me to cum once, and twice if I happen to be lucky. The sensations last you a good 45 minutes, but not as long as an hour. You will need to reapply after that. I didn't find that to be too much of a hassle... This stuff was so good that we were really eager to apply more and more!

Even though these lubes are water-based, you do need to wash yourself off well after use. Not only because of the ingredients, but because it doesn't fully absorb into the skin and leaves a quite sticky feeling on the surface of your skin. The really cool part is that even after washing, your can still feel the slight tingling/warming and cooling sensations on your body. It's almost soothing and really acted as almost a sleep aid to my husband and I.


Both lubricant bottles come in a black box, with a picture of the two bottles on the front and the "KY Yours and Mine" logo. It isn't discreet because of this, so if you have kids in the house, family staying over, etc. you will want to trash this immediately. It does help with storage during travel, though. We had to move hotels twice and the box came in handy to ensure no leakage when you're packing things quickly and not paying attention.

I doubt the bottles will leak, to be honest. The caps snap shut tightly and are a little difficult to open. However, I'm just one who likes to be careful. But I wouldn't be TOO scared about anything leaking from these unless they've cracked or something.

Each bottle looks like a test tube that you would see in a science lab, or one of those bath salt tubes from a bath & body store. Each bottle is clearly labeled Yours for Him or Mine for Her, and each is colored differently. This way you don't get mixed up. Well, most people wont get mixed up. I accidentally applied some of my husbands and to be honest, I didn't mind it at all! Felt great!

There is a black (it was shown white on this website, but ours was black) double-ringed locking holder thingy. No idea what you would call it. Anyway, it can be used to store the bottles together but if it annoys you it can be taken off easily. It comes in handy so that you don't accidentally lose one of the bottles, or maybe to keep them together without mixing them up. There are variations of the K-Y Yours and Mine lubricants, such as the chocolate strawberry Valentine's Day edition. So you wouldn't want to confuse the two sets.

There is also a small instructional guide on where the clitoris is, how to apply the products, and ingredient information. It explains that the woman should apply the male's lubricant to him, and the male should apply the female's lubricant to her. It basically promotes foreplay which is great! There is also a $2 off coupon for the purchase of your next set.

Special Features

Yours for Him is slightly warming and tingles. I can't totally explain what else it does but it is awesome! When both lubricants work together, you feel nothing but magic!

Mine for Her has a very, very, very intense but not overwhelming cooling and tingling property. I don't know how to explain how it can be intense yet not overwhelming, but it is. It's just perfect and I love it. This lubricant will heighten the sensitivity of the clitoris enough to help you reach your orgasm, without putting you in pain or causing irritation.


I thoroughly enjoyed using these lubricants with my husband, as he did as well. We're both in love with them and aside from their ingredients, we have had no allergic reactions or skin irritation. I think we have found our new favorite lubricants!

I would like to recommend trying to use the opposite lubricants on each other for a new spin with the sensations. My husband LOVES Mine for Her and I really enjoy Yours for Him. And when they work together it's an absolute explosion of sexual pleasure.

Something about these two lubricants are just awesome... They allow you to feel EVERYTHING. They both heighten sensation. My husband mentioned how he could really feel the walls of my vagina much better, and I could feel the head of his penis and his shaft just thrusting over and over. It was delightful and no lubricant has been able to make me that sensitive!
Follow-up commentary
Definitely something I will keep buying. It's great for a lot more than just sex. I've found both lubricants to be pleasing for my nipples ahead of having my husband sucking them. It increases intensity of the sensations I get from sucking, and that's something we discovered about two hours ago. I LOVE IT!
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