Male Masturbator

Contributor: Kinkywife Kinkywife
I'm in the market for a good male masturbator for my husband and would like recommendations. I'm looking at full sized fake vaginas, and before I make the investment I am searching for feedback from anyone who has used one, or even a doll. We already have a flashlight and a small masturbator.


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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Hello, Kinkywife! It's definitely the best you could've addressed this query.

First thing I would recommend, especially if you're looking for an experienced outlook, hop on to reviews - our collective holds a massive storage of priceless tips and advice. Here's a filtered link for realistic masturbator reviews.

Secondly, here are a few of my personal favs, that I can swear by - and so can my hubby:
This bad girl is surely a delight, with hilarious remote-controlled bullets

This is a new arrival, very fresh and exciting with a bit of a rough edge

And this one is an all-time favorite of ours, with amazing textures and incredible realistic fell, both in terms of touching and weight.

Another interesting piece of info I could advise for reference is our realistic vaginas guide. It could be a steady starting point for you to decide which type of realistic vagina you'd like to get, which angle seems more appealing to your husbands, etc.

Hope this helps
Contributor: orgasmicfarmer orgasmicfarmer
Hello Kinkywife,

I highly recommend Sue Johanson's head honcho. It's a great masturbator. One of the best feelings and even better when it is used by a significant other. I'd keep it in your position though. you may find he likes it more than you'd like.
Contributor: kissHIGH kissHIGH
it's okay
Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Dear Kinkywife, please share, what did you end up choosing?