Should I always use a condom?

Contributor: pooch pooch
I just purchased a silicon dildo, and I was wondering if I should use a condom every time I use it or if it's safe to go without one as long as I clean the toy before and after use?
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Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
From what I've read here and there. Cleaning before and after properly is fine. Main thing is to NOT use silicone lubricant ( if using any)
If playing anally then vag and don't want to interrupt, use a condom.
If sharing, use a condom.
If lazy, use one.
If too much texture and uncomfortable a condom may help.

If you like extra peace of mind, buy the Eden toy spray cleaner.
Or boil for 4-5 mins.
I also read some put on top shelf on dishwasher.
We've done all the above except the dishwasher.

Happy playing!
Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
I wouldn't boil a silicone toy, as well as I would be VERY conscious about using condoms with lubrication - it tends to be silicone-based, which is harmful to the toy.

Silicone toys are non-porous, so typically they are safe to use without condoms.
Contributor: MrClark MrClark
If its pure food/body safe silicone, boiling should be no issue as the temp of boiling water is 100°C or 212°F. Oven mitts made of silicone are safe up to temps of 260°C or 500°F, which far exceeds boiling water temps.

We tend to use rubbing alcohol & hot tap water to clean/sterilize our silicone toys. The Eden Toy Spray cleaner is nice too, but far easier to get rubbing alcohol.

I do agree with GingerAnn, you have to make sure you read the details of the condom lube, some are water-based, which is fine but many do opt for silicone lube so that they stay lubricated for an extended period of use.
Contributor: kat434 kat434
I wouldn't bother using condoms on silicone toys, provided you boil them after use. Some condoms have silicone lube in them, which could degrade the surface of your toy.

In fact, one of the reasons why many in this community prefer silicone toys to other materials is because they are hygienic and can be boiled. My husband and I just boil our toys and don't use condoms on them at all, but we also don't share them.