But silicone for homemade dildos?

Contributor: Zinzin Zinzin
I have been pondering about making my own dildos from scratch ( making clay model, making a mold etc ), I am interested in designing and selling my own designs, but I can´t find any material to buy, I want to have options to choose from different hardness and colors, but the closest I come is the "clone-a-willy" stuff...I also want it to be according to the european laws of some chemicals used in the silicone.
Of course there will be a learning curve firstly, so I need to get my hands on the materials to make some prototypes, maybe someone here knows something that could be of help?
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Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
My guess is that you will need to contact commercial chemical companies - undoubtedly some sales person will be pleased to provide you with the appropriate raw materials.
Contributor: kat434 kat434
I noticed this post is almost a year old...did you ever end up doing it? Be sure to let the community know, because I'm intrigued.