Sticky Silicone

Sticky Silicone

Envy Envy
So i got a toy from another company second hand and it's an older retired model. It had a cumtube (used with a syringe to push lube and such through) but I removed it. However I noticed the shaft is somewhat tacky/sticky. Not a lot but it's noticeable.

The company CEO said that more than likely the previous owner used silicone lubricant on it as it's a silicone toy, and more than likely that degraded it slightly.

The toy is still good, and i really want to keep it, it's not dirty, ruined or anything, just tacky. Is there any way to remedy this? I heard before of someone using WD40 to make silicone tubing no longer sticky/tacky, and I wonder if there's something to get the tackiness off since it's not a lot and probably only on the surface.

Any ideas? Right now I have it covered in baby powder to leech anything out before I try some experimenting....

i also have silicone sample discs to try things out on before using them on the toy, too.
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indiglo indiglo
Have you tried boiling it? Apart from that, in my experience some silicone toys do always feel sticky or tacky. I just recently got the VixSkin Mustang (which I love) and it just feels tacky to the touch all the time. It's not an issue during use, because I use lube, but even after I wash it and it dries it feels weird. I think it's just the texture of the dual density silicone Vixen uses.

My VIP supersoft is a little tacky to the touch too, but my Tantus Boss is not tacky at all. I think it might be a function of the softer silicone they use in some toys, because the Boss is super rigid.
Envy Envy
well it's not either of those companies, it's from Bad Dragon, an old retired model of the Anthro Orca. The owner himself said it's not supposed to be sticky.

I haven't boiled it but did use hot water and bleach. Once I get the house to my self at some point I will boil it and see if that does anything, too.
indiglo indiglo
That's really too bad! Yeah, I have read reviews where a toy came with a weird film on it, that was removed after boiling it one or two times. (But those were new toys, so I think your case is a bit different even than that.) I hope that will work for you! Good luck!
Ghost Ghost
Silicone is cured using another chemical, otherwise it remains liquified or partially liquified. If the silicone has been re-dissolved (through the application of silicone lubricant for instance), it will need to be re-cured. Boiling it will not help and I would not recommend the use of WD-40 on anything you intend to use on or in your person.
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