Waterproof toys...which lubricants??

Waterproof toys...which lubricants??

Pumpkin Lady Pumpkin Lady
According to this handy-dandy guide here on eden TPR Silicone should be used with a water-based lubricant.

Alright, fair enough.

Doing more research, I found that the second paragraph states to never use water based lubes on waterproof toys. Some TPR Silicone toys are waterproof!

You ladies are all so smart, I'm sure you can help me out in no time. I know using a water lube in the water is useless. But what about for landlubbers? Is it okay then? You wouldn't use a silicone base, that is clear.

PS-sorry, don't know how to make a link! ;p
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Firemeup Firemeup
that's a humdinger, all right. My suggestion would be coconut oil, as long as you don't need to worry about latex (either because you're married/fluid-bonded or because you're not sharing the toy) - it's fine for the girlie bits (plant oils are fine, petroleum oils are not) and reasonably waterproof as long as you apply it before getting into the water. And it feels good
Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
That paragraph is misleading. You are correct when you state that water-based lubes are useless in water, but it is really the only thing to use with TPR Silicone toys. Natural oils (non-petroleum based) might work without deteriorating the toy, but water based is your safest bet and if you are using the TPR silicone toy outside of a wet environment water based is definitely the one I would suggest.
Mamastoys Mamastoys
we've not had to use any lubes when playing in the water. I haven't thought about this before reading the thread.
Viv Viv
I think jimbo is right. You can certainly use water-based on waterproof TPR toys in and out of water. thing is, in water--that lube is gonna dissolve fast. Pretty sure that's all the article is pointing out. that silicone lube is best for water, not that waterbased lube can't be used on waterproof toys when they aren't in the bath.

in terms of alternatives, you might want to keep in mind that natural oils are not recommended for vaginal play as they can upset your body's natural balance.
Sammi Sammi
I've used water-based lubes on TPR toys both in and out of water. While it does dissolve fast in water, I've found I don't need it really after a while, it's just for starting out the play in the tub or shower.
Victoria Victoria
Water-based lube is the only 100% compatible lube to use with TPR Silicone.

You can use water-based lube on practically anything. It's true that the wording of that paragraph is indeed a bit misleading. Sorry for the confusion.

However, you may consider trying the Eros Bodyglide with it. Test it first, but many say it is compatible with silicone.

Maximus works for us in the shower...have you tried thicker water-based lubes in the water?
Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
That paragraph could benefit from a little dusting around the corners for clarification. Using water-based lubes in the water is difficult and often a waste of effort. Silicone lubes stay on better in the water, as do oil-based lubes. However, it is debatable whether oil-based lubes are safe for vaginal use or not. Some say as long as they are organic, natural oils, it's ok, while petroleum oils are bad. Others are against oils, period. So, for water-play, it's best to stick with silicone lube.

If you have a waterproof TPR silicone toy, you can use it on land with water-based lube. There ARE TPR silicone toys that are compatible with silicone lube, such as white heat double delights, which I reviewed. This toy's box stated explicitly that it was safe to use with silicone lube. As it is part of the White Heats collection, I would assume that all three toys in that series are safe with silicone lube.
Pumpkin Lady Pumpkin Lady
Alright, I think I've got it. Thanks er'body for clearing that up. Better safe than sorry, in my opinion.

I think I'll just stick to my water lube and probably find a different toy for bathtime. The one I've got is too velvety to even waste time with trying.

Thanks again!
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