What materials last the longest

Contributor: spineyogurt spineyogurt
Im guessing stainless steel or like gold
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Contributor: Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Thinking about it, I'm pretty sure glass takes longer to break down and degrade than metal, so that'd be my guess.

Unless you mean toys under proper care and not left to the elements, and assuming durability is also to be taken into account, in which case glass would still last an impressively long time, but steel would be harder to break (though the glass in toys is pretty strong). Silicone can also outlast its owner if cared for properly.
Contributor: Zandrock Zandrock
In terms of toy materials. Glass and metal are probably the same.

In terms of all the elements. I believe gold is the most stable. It does not rust (oxidize) and it is incredibly inert. All of the noble gasses also do not break down, but those are gasses.
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
Practically glass, stainless steel, aluminum and silicone will be equivalently long-lived and will last a lifetime with basic care. Aluminum is probably the easiest to damage of the above, as it can be etched with chemicals or physically damaged.
Contributor: K Sera K Sera
Ceramic or glass toys would last the longest. As long as one was careful not to drop or scratch them, the materials they are made of will last thousands of years.
Silicone is sensitive to light (so store away from light), but seems long lasting (from the quick search I did on Google).
Not sure about metal, probably depends on the type. Gold doesn't tarnish (that's why the Egyptians used it to make their stuff for the afterlife), but is very soft.