Fully Insertable Vaginal Toys?

Fully Insertable Vaginal Toys?

KittenPrincess KittenPrincess
Does anyone have a suggestion for "dildos" that are fully insertable, similar to the Jollies "Rider" toy?

I'm looking for something that I can walk around with inside, but preferably not vaginal balls or weights.

I thought about butt plugs, but I really don't want anything on the outside, or the pointy end on the inside.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Ghost Ghost
You don't want anything at all on the outside? I have used a few of toys half-inserted, and was able to walk around, like this one or the Tantus share.

If you want something that will not show, you may want to use one of the smaller waterproof vibrators, or one of the very small dildos.
KittenPrincess KittenPrincess

I guess the "Rider" really was a one of a kind design.

Thanks for your input Elnoa, but I will continue my search.
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