Glass sex toys: your help and recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Glass sex toys: your help and recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Erotictouch Erotictouch
These types of sex toys are unique and visually appealing, and they look like works of art. Well... and I want to give a glass dildo a try. Do you think glass toys really worth the money huh?..

Please your experiences and recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Epiphora Epiphora
YES they are DEFINITELY worth it. It's such a different feeling from silicone or plastic. It has more weight to it and can be temperature-controlled . Plus, they're just freaking pretty.

Are you looking for a cheap first glass toy? If so, I would suggest the Rainbow mega nubby link or the Cyberglass four-way G link . I haven't tried either of them, but they get good reviews and they look good. In my opinion, you shouldn't worry much about which one you get, because it's really hard for glass toys to go wrong. The main question you need to ask yourself is: do I want texture? I personally find the bumps on my glass dildo to be the best thing ever, although they can be abrasive at first. You also should ask: do I want it to have a head? a G-spot curve? Then you can narrow the field a bit more.

One thing that I appreciate about my dildo (which, by the way, is the expensive Gold ribbed love wand link -- there's a review of it on my profile) is the fact that it has a bulb at one end to grasp. Makes it a lot easier to get a grip on it.

I would say, if you have the money, go for a $40-70 glass dildo. It will last you forever, and make you feel like a queen when you use it.
Erotictouch Erotictouch
Wow, thanks for the tips and links! The Rainbow mega nubby looks amazin', fantastic, super!
Cock Wrangler Cock Wrangler
Yes, totally worth it. Epiphora has some good suggestions... I might also look at this. I have something similar, and it's still one of my favorites even after having experience with higher end glass designs.
Oggins Oggins
YES! It really is worth it! I have this one link and while it is pretty expensive, it isn't as expensive as alot of others. This is, sadly, the only glass toy I have tried so far but, I am so satisfied with it that I really don't feel the need for another one too soon. I would imagine just about any of them are fantastic. Just keep in mind what your body likes when deciding which one to get. A few other fantastic things about glass are: Since it's non-porous, it only takes just a dab of lube to make it nice and slick, it's also sterilizable so you can share it, it contains no bad chemicals either so there is no bad smell ever and it lasts an extrememly long time unless it's dropped on a hard surface. I'm really glad that I purchased a glass dildo and really think you will be too! It's just an amazing sensation! =)
Nashville Nashville
Yes they are, I love mine. link What makes mine so special is the pronounced gspot curve, I was also to have an orgasm alone from thrusting this in and out... I never had to touch my clit once. That's one of the only times I've been able to have an orgasm from just internal stimulation.

However, there's always the factor of having to be careful and not using it too roughly. I know I smashed mine into my cervix a little while back and ended up having to have my gyno check me out because everything just ached for days afterwards. I also have endometriosis and know there are days when I just can't use it because it is a completely solid object. However, when I feel up to it, it's a fantastic experience.
Essin' Em Essin' Em
People haven't mentioned the amazingness of temperature play with glass - you can put it in ice water to cool it down, and warm water to make it nice and toasty.

And of course, have said, you can sterilize it, you hardly need any lube, it's a body-healthy material, and there are so many different kinds of toys in all different price ranges. Definitely worth a go! (IMHO!)
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