What is the "next" toy you are hankering for here on EF?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
Tell us why it will make a worthy addition to your collection?
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Contributor: Lioncub Lioncub
Haven't really seen one that's a must have lately. Although between my husband and I we have placed 3 orders in the last 2 days.
Contributor: C&K0143 C&K0143
I’m really curious about the Vixskin line and seeing if they are all they are made out to be. - C
Contributor: cmm cmm
I'm either shooting for a pure plug large or mabe a lelo smart wand. I have a few viberators, but nothing that has any real vroom to it.
Contributor: G&L G&L
We keep searching the site but we haven't seen one things that makes us try and grab it.
Contributor: symbol symbol
Originally posted by Bignuf
Tell us why it will make a worthy addition to your collection?
I was quite excited when I found out about Fun Factory's Stronic line. I'd really like to try the Stronic Drei. I can't justify spending that much on a toy at the moment, but I'll definitely be keeping my eye on it!

As for what I'm actually likely to get next... probably Luna Beads for me and a silicone cock ring for the hubby.
I feel like I've lost some of my Kegel-fu since having my son and I like the design of the Luna Beads. I'm hoping that the whole weighted-ball-inside-a -hard-shell design will also create some peasing sensations as they/I move around as well.
Hubby doesn't really have any experience with toys, but we figured that a nice, soft silicone cock ring might be a good place to start. (I actually meant to add the Tantus one to my last order, but didn't notice I'd forgotten it 'til the next morning. Ah well, next time!)