Liberator shapes for anal/pegging

Contributor: ScottA ScottA
I'm interested in the possibility of using a Liberator shape for anal sex/pegging and wanted to see what the EF community thought. My initial thought was to use it on the edge of a bed for a full support/bent over position, but I can think of several other options as well (lying on my front propped up on it, same for the back). My questions are how well does this work/is it worth it.

My other question is which one. I'm initially thinking the Wedge because it's much easier to store, but the Ramp does have another 5 inches of height - although there have been more people saying it's uncomfortable because it's so big that the stiffness is noticeable.

P.S. - anyone else notice that there are many photos of Liberator stuff that don't seem to be quite up to the EF standard? Single shots with scantily clad women rather than the multiple shots of the product that let you get a better idea of how it is.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Hi Scott! Based on our experiences, I'd have to agree that the Wedge might not be your best bet. It's great for any positions where you're laying on your back, but that stiff straight edge can get uncomfortable if you're laying over it on your belly.

I'd actually suggest the Flip Ramp because the rounded top is comfortable to bend over from either direction for both Alan & I. You can also kneel on it (folded up) and lean over the bed to give your partner excellent access if your bed is tall. It's not so comfortable for either of us in that propped mish position that you see the Liberator model performing, but I suspect it would work for taller people (I'm only 5'1", Alan's 5'9").

Hope this helps
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
The Flip Ramp was actually what I started out looking at, but I'm worried about storage in a small living space and doing some impromptu measuring it looks like my wife would need either elevator shoes or a step if I was lying on that on the bed (it's about 5 inches too high, maybe more).

You're right that the edges of the Wedge do look a little sharp. I wish they had the more rounded edges available in that size. I looked at the Jaz, but like Alan says it just seems a bit small for comfort.

Still not sure what to do.
Contributor: Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Hmm... it sounds like your only other option might be the Axis then, which is the shortest that we've seen besides the Jaz (plus it has a rounded high end for comfort). They really need to make the Jaz in different widths.
Contributor: Kindred Kindred
I think it will really depend upon how you want to use the piece. We own the Wedge, Ramp, and Wing and use them all for pegging. The Wedge works well for typical Missionary but is probably too small for using on the edge of a bed. The Ramp is good for doggie, but it can be a little high depending on your partner's body size. I actually prefer to use the Wing for doggie. It's lower in height so it matches my wife's size better, plus it's comfortable to lay on and the shape lets me hug it.

While I like the Liberator pieces, I've found they are very situational based on the size of the people using them. For reference, my wife is 5'4" and I am 5'8".

Hope that helps.
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
I'm thinking I might be able to improvise something similar to the Wing, but I'm a little scared about buying the other ones. After reading this I thought Hipster for a while, but that's a lot of money for something that might not work at all.