I'm A Newbie!!! Help...Trying to find my GSPOT For the 1st time...

Contributor: caramelbeauty caramelbeauty
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Which toy should I use if this is going to be my first time trying to find my gspot?
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Contributor: indiglo indiglo
Here are about 15 that I put together that might interest you! link
Contributor: sexyfun sexyfun
I've been hearing great things about the pure wand, it's pricey though but it has a nice curve. I have had trouble finding mine, so thinking that that will help out. I haven't purchased it yet though because of the high price.
Contributor: Beck Beck
Use your fingers! Dig around in your vagina doing the come here motion with your fingers. You will feel skin that feels different from the rest of your vagina. Around there is where you will find it. Then try a toy once you know where it is.
Contributor: krist338 krist338
Mona is nices
Contributor: charletnarouh charletnarouh
I second Beck's advice. Once you know where it is with your fingers you'll be able to determine what kind of toy to try. You'll have a better chance of guessing the right shape if you have a better idea of whether it's shallow, deep, etc. You can also experiment with your fingers about what type of pressure or touch you might like which can also help you decide what toy to get.
Contributor: Tuesday Tuesday
I recommend Ella. It's terrific and not too expensive. Several people on EF had their first successes with it. Or try a glass toy like the Deep Water G or, if you like larger toys, Icicles 17 or 18. All of these are terrific.

Focus on the sensations. Don't worry or stress if you're not successful just yet. Make sure you're well hydrated. If possible, try in places where you don't have to worry about whether you're about to pee, like the edge of the bathtub or with several folded towels under you. It also helps to start with some clitoral stimulation.

Good luck and keep trying.
Contributor: sXeVegan90 sXeVegan90
I also agree with Beck, your first try in searching for your g-spot is best done with your fingers before purchasing a toy you aren't sure will hit the spot in the first place.
Contributor: kittikat17 kittikat17
ur best bet is to do some self exploring first then invest in a bendable vibe to hit the spot not everyone is the same so using a toy that u can control helps