Advice for remote control vibrator in public.

Advice for remote control vibrator in public.

GingerSun GingerSun
My husband and I have always joked about the fantasy of wanting to do something sexual in public, but we have never gotten brave enough. Recently, I stumbled onto several varieties of vibrating panties and other remote control vibrators that could be fun for public, but still discrete sexual play. I was looking at getting something as a surprise for a night out.

I am hoping for some advice from other ladies that have tried one of these:
1. Do you recommend the ones that sit on the clit or the internal ones?
2. How do these feel wearing them out for 2 - 3 hours? Do they start to hurt or get boring?
3. Did you orgasm? If so, any tips on how do this discretely?
4. Any ground rules I should lay down? Or just let him have free will?
5. Any trouble with wetness?
6. Other advice?

Thanks in advance for all guidance offered!
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GingerAnn GingerAnn
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