Best First Clitoral Vibrator?

Best First Clitoral Vibrator?

mm4sa mm4sa
I want to get a vibrator for my gf for those times alone when she needs a little pleasure. She doesn't have a lot of experience with one. She has used one of those huge wands and a strap-on butterfly on occasion.

She needs one for strictly clitoral stimulation. She doesn't need any penetration. She is very sensitive down there so she needs a comfortable one just to use on her clit.

I know this group is VERY knowlegable on this subject, so .... any suggestions?

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Magician Magician
My wife is very much a clitoral girl, and uses clit stimulation for all of her orgasms. If she's sensitive, I would suggest something with a continuous intensity knob which allows for greater control over the vibrations. If you check out most of my reviews, they're for vibrators of varying success. For something small, I would suggest the faith vibrator. for something a little larger and with more control, I would suggest the Slender Tulip wand. both those are cheap, so they wont break the bank, and they'll last if you take care of them. the tulip has been servicing us for a good year now.

Hope that helps. PM me if you have any other questions you think I can answer.
November November
I would suggest Lelo Nea. The vibes range anywhere from a soft flutter up to a buzzy vibration.
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