Different vrooms PER individual vibrator- NOT models or brands

Different vrooms PER individual vibrator- NOT models or brands

Sangsara Sangsara
Hi so I have a couple of Jopen vanitys here- a vr 6 and a vr8 and they are TOTALLY different- the vr6 is a 5 make that a 6 Vrooms and the vr8 is a 4. Now I understand that different toys have different motors blah blah blah BUT.... I have read the reviews for the vr6 and people keep commenting on a 'wimpy clit arm' HUH???? yes i own a hitachi. the clit arm on MY vr6 is a 5-6 vrooms- scary strong so..........my question is:
Do you think that each individual toy, regardless of its make and model has its own strength- that you can't count on each toy to be what the reviews and the manufacturer suggest?
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Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I wouldn't be surprised if there's perhaps a tiny variation between individual toys, but it shouldn't be so great that buying is a complete roulette game. If the design and motor are identical, two individual toys should be roughly the same, potential malfunctions aside.

I think it just comes down to individual experience and toy shape, more than anything. For example my Bimini Ocean, depending on how I use it, is almost too much at times, but I never got that feeling with my old Hitachi.
Ryuson Ryuson
The reason that I went with the VR8 over the VR2 is that they actually do have different motors in them! The VR8 is supposedly a bit stronger and deeper than the VR2, so there is for sure a difference.

I don't know about comparing the rabbits VS the non-rabbits, but I know that Jopen does vary their motors. Are they both 100% charged?
js250 js250
I have had major differences with other brands, so maybe the same is true with Jopen as well. I also think it is up to the individual.
indiglo indiglo
I've had that happen with some other toys I've reviewed. I had read some reviews that gave it 4 or 5 vrooms, and personally I only gave it 3. (That wasn't a Jopen though)

I do think this tends to vary from person to person, and how we all experience the stimulation from the vibrator. Some bodies are more sensitive to vibrations than other bodies, while some are less sensitive. Occasionally a dud toy may get sent out too

That's honestly part of why I like the reviews here so much. It's easy to get several different perspectives on the same toy, which makes it easier to tell if it will work for me or not.
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