Getting my first bullet vibrator.. Why is it so hard to find sleeves? Wanted to try different things out before purchasing high quality vibrator =\ helps, ideas?

Contributor: cantaloupes cantaloupes
I'm 25 and have never owned a vibrator. Came from a awkward sexual background and just haven't explored. Have always just used my hands to get off.

Anyways I think I have decided on getting a bullet vibe. This one in particular.

Mood powerful vibrator small - link

Although I get off from internal stimulation from sex I masturbate mostly with just my fingers and clit. Love the ol shower head =) With me traveling often it would be easy to take discreetly. Also I like the idea of my man using it on me during sex.

After deciding on the type of toy. I though while searching it would be easy for my to find sleeves to try other things out with it. They cell more then a few products that come with them. I want to get something not phallic shaped but a small dildo of sorts to experiment with insertion. And/or a short flat ended sleeve for g spot..

Having hard time finding anything really. Maybe I don't know where to look. So I came in hopes of some advice or ideas. As I would like to find what I like before putting down on high quality vibrators that range $90+


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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Zombirella Zombirella
That's a tough one. I love my We-Vibes but I like texture too. I wanted to find something that I could slide over them. I tried finger sleeves that I found on here but they ended up being either way too big or too small .
You could take the measurements of the bullet you wanted and compare them to the measurements of the finger sleeves they have here and see if they would work for the one your want.

I just decided to say "oh well" and forget about finding a bullet strong enough for me that has texture as well.
I know there are more than what that search turned up.

I thought about seeing if my bullets are close enough to the size of the bullets that come with sleeves and switch them over but I haven't looked into it.

You could also try a condom but I don't know how well textured condoms would work out on a bullet and tied shut or whatever?

I'm going to keep an eye on the post to see if anyone else has any suggestions because I'd like to know as well.