Hot Pink!

Hot Pink!

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I want this in hot pink!
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GingerAnn GingerAnn
Insightful topic debates on Pink vibrators:

Der humpink!
Dear EF friends, Romans and countrymen: I present to you Der Humpink. Yes, I have a slight Christoph Waltz addiction, but I am sharing this with you...

Pink or Purple
This poll is directed more twards women but men can answer too, A friend told me purple is the new pink So i decided to poll it and see, what is your.

Love Pink Pinstripe Pleasure Chemise by DreamGirl
But who else wishes there were other color choices?

Men and the color PINK
Can and should men wear pink? If yes, should it be limited to only certain apparel?

Fur handcuffs - pink – handcuffs
Are these better with fur?
K101 K101
Me too! Or purple. I love the Evolved vibes. They're so darn gorgeous!
froggiemoma froggiemoma
Purple please!
Sweet-n-sensual Sweet-n-sensual
Pink would be awesome!
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