How would you use this?

Contributor: CinLuvsBre CinLuvsBre
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How would you use this?
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Contributor: Breas Breas
Originally posted by CinLuvsBre
How would you use this?

When you are curious about a product, I highly recommend checking out the reviews to see if they answer your question first. On this specific product, there are 8 reviews. You can find them here: link

I clicked on a random review to see if it had the answer you were looking for. The very first review that I had clicked was this one: link

Silverdrop did an EXCELLENT job on this review and in the very beginning of her review, she states how this specific toy is used. In her review, she also has photos of the toy, and the toy being worn!

Here is the information taken from SilverDrop's review that will answer your questions (I've copied and pasted):

Mr Right is a limp packing cock, designed for FTM trans men, or for girls who want to experiment with gender play and cross dressing. You can wear it under your clothing to present a somewhat sizeable bulge, or display it in the bedroom with just the packing strap to give the illusion that it is your own cock. It can be sucked on and can probably be inserted vaginally with some effort, but it is too soft to be an effective insertable toy.
Contributor: booyahshaka91 booyahshaka91
its just a packer for trans guys
Contributor: kittikat17 kittikat17
could use it upside down for G-spot stimulation?
Contributor: Amber Sweet Amber Sweet
I plan on using it for a costume myself
Contributor: Do emu Do emu
Originally posted by kittikat17
could use it upside down for G-spot stimulation?
Probably not. It's far too squishy and has too much give. Wouldn't have enough resistance.
Contributor: Heather Shadrick Heather Shadrick
A lot of FTM's are sensitive about what you label them. A lot of FTM's want to be called him, he, his because they are making the transition to a male and most want the transition to happen in every way possible. Just my 2 cents! I just learned about this myself. I read reviews and vote and comment late at night and read forums and reply and post so I learn something new almost all the time on Eden. I just wanted to mention this for people who don't know so no one gets offended. I recommend everyone on Eden study different types of genders and sexualities. I am still trying to learn all of them. There are a lot of different peoples on Eden and I want to get to know all types in the community so if I am ever in a discussion about it I know what I am talking about, without being offensive. I have to say I am still pretty ignorant to a lot of things, but I try to read up as much as I can and learn what I can.