lelo Soraya vibrations

Contributor: BeanyBean BeanyBean
hi guys,

my first post here, but i am just wondering if my vibrator is working as it should. I purchased the lelo Soraya a few months back, its a great vibrator and i would definitely recommend. But I've noticed a discrepancy with the vibration between the insert part and clitoral part. to try and explain it let me use percentages i will state clitoral part as 100% and compare how strong insert bit is:

at level 1: clit=100% insert = 2%
at level 2: clit=100% insert = 2%
at level 3: clit=100% insert = 10%
at level 4: clit=100% insert = 30%
at level 5: clit=100% insert = 40%
at level 6: clit=100% insert = 50%
at level 7: clit=100% insert = 60%
at level 8: clit=100% insert = 70%
at level 9: clit=100% insert = 80%
at level 10: clit=100% insert = 90-95%%

I'm not sure if its just i never paid attention before or if this is just how its meant to be. i thought they should both be at the same power level on each level, basically at level of vibration 1-2 i don't feel any vibration on the insert bit.

If someone else has one can you tell me if this is normal or not?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Ansley Ansley
I don't know how often she checks her messages but you're free to send Kayla a message on site. She reviewed this item and can give you an idea on whether or not this is how it's supposed to work. There are also a number of reviews on it.