Like some opinions on this rabbit.

Contributor: witch-drummer witch-drummer
My wife's curiosity has her looking for her first rabbit vibe as well as her first serious vibe that's more than just your cheep smooth plastic old-school job. She spent a night alone looking over the site and texted me this one. She said she is a little worried it may be a bit big for her though. So I would like the thoughts from some of you ladies here.

Dolphin Vibe]

I'm concerned about the material. I've read little about this type. She had a dildo long ago but never liked it. It was something just like the crystal jelly silicone dongs and by what I have gathered reading many reviews here is the material is uncomfortable(as well as unsafe). I want her experiance with her rabbit (dolphin) to be the best.
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Contributor: PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
For that price point, you can get a silicone rabbit (and for just a little more you can get one that's rechargeable) that will last her much longer and you won't have to worry about the material causing any issues. That one is also fairly big around, if she's concerned about size, I would also select something else.

For rechargeable check out Jopen (Vr 5.5, Vr 6.5), Fun Factory Paul and Paulina.

For battery powered check out Doc Johnson's Mood Seductive and Cal Exotics' Lia Twin Teaser.

I've used the rechargeable ones and highly recommend those, but they might be slightly above your price range. I've never used the battery powered ones I suggested, but the material and size should be suitable, and the reviews look decent.

Let me know if you need anymore help!
Contributor: Sincerely yours, N Sincerely yours, N
I would not recommend TPR; it's porous, impossible to sanitize, and overall will not last you as long as silicone. I only have one TPR toy, the Butterfly Kiss, and it is definitely the last toy of the material that I will ever get.

For that money, you can get a much better rabbit - one made out of silicone! The Black Label Jack Rabbit (or its cousin Triple Motor Jack Rabbit) have very high reviews. They are rather large, though!

I would recommend looking through the Rabbit Vibrators section on EF, filtered for only silicone and by price. If this link works correctly, that should be it. I've heard great things about the Mood Seductive and Leaf Vitality, along with all of the products that POP has mentioned above. Be sure to go through the reviews for toys that you're interested in; they're really helpful!
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
there are several types of rabbits. did you wife check out these?

some people don't find their toys to be made of TPR to be a problem. as long as a toy isn't being shared or used both vaginally & anally, the risks of safety are pretty much nil. as far as material being comfortable, typically, materials moving lower on the EF material safety guide scale are softer & more comfortable.

the girth of the shaft is 5 1/4" - is this what she thinks is too big for her? Rabbits are usually a bit large & bulky as a whole. however, that doesn't necessarily mean they're too large to pleasurably enjoy.

if your wife isn't sure, has any questions about any selections, I suggest she continue to search & read reviews. I thought I wanted a Rabbit when I first got into toys. I have since found that I really don't care for them so much after all.

oh, btw, you can't guarantee her first experience will be the best. I like to go w/ the flow w/o having much expectation. that leaves me open to enjoy what I am experiencing.

good luck in your search. and have fun w/ it.
Contributor: witch-drummer witch-drummer
Thanks for the input. I was mixing up silicone with jelly.

She used to have a jelly dong and it melted into another toy. She didn't like it very much. I suggested it was possibly the material that she didn't like as well as the complete lack of any features.

A couple suggested she was looking at, specifically the Pearl Bunny
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
jelly toys are known for melting. that's why it's important to store toys separately. the big draw to jelly toys is that the material is soft. again, look at the circumference of a toy. will it be to large? small?