Looking for a new toy for missionary couple's play.

Contributor: thetryal thetryal
I am looking for a new toy for the lady. we have the picobong moka( similar to the GIGI) , 2 bullets and a 8" jelly toy(yuck).

she will sometimes us a bullet or moka during sex. the problem lies when we are in the missionary position. when she holds a toy to her clit, either her hand or the toy rubs against my pubic area.

I am looking for a toy that has a bullet head but with an extension (similar to lulu satin scoop) OR rounded/ curved like the "love candy by KENDRA"

I would also like the toy to have some softness to it and not be as hard the moka. I am price sensitive.

with this criteria does anyone have any advice?

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Contributor: Rossie Rossie
It might not be a problem with what toy she uses on her clit. Do you bend over her a lot while you're thrusting, if the answer is yes, try to lean backwards so your pubic area will not press against her too much and can probably avoid the problem you guys are having -- just my presumption.
Contributor: Ansley Ansley
I think it's awesome you're trying to find a compromise to the issue, thetryal. Feeling vibrations on your penis, pubic region, or stomach can be unsettling to a degree. I try to be aware of this in my own activities, it's nice to see we're not the only couple that found this to be a bit problematic.

Here are some toys that might be useful for you both, feel free to read the reviews and make your decision based on the info. I've also included a general link for you to browse through.

The Form 2 is a pretty unique toy, it cradles the clitoris or can provide pinpoint vibrations.

Form 3 Even more unique of a design, this toy is specifically designed for pinpoint vibrations and can bend to fit her body.

Lulu Satin Scoop Again, pinpoint vibrations but with a rigid plastic base and satin finish (pu coated plastic).

Key Charms Curve This toy is silicone, the finish is very smooth and soft.

Silicone Massager This may not work at all given the exact design but I thought it was really cool and you never know if it could be the one if you don't try it.

Here's the link to browse through the rest of the selection.