#AskEden - Review Program - Mojowijo For Him and Her - Need Reviewers? (maybe video)

#AskEden - Review Program - Mojowijo For Him and Her - Need Reviewers? (maybe video)

YoungCouple YoungCouple
Mojowijo for her
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Hi, I am an advanced reviewer and I work in sales (so I travel around the country at least twice a month).

If you guys at EF want to set wifey and me up with a couple of these to review I will talk with her about doing a video review of them (no promises, but hopefully adult).

Thought it would be cool to have me in the Marriott with the laptop and headphones, she on the bed at home...

Have no idea how these work but we have 2 Wiimotes, plenty of camera equipment and laptops with webcams for skype.

Just a thought, anyone tried these?
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You may want to submit a support ticket or message JR if you're interested in getting items for review. Usually the big ticket items are given out via the Descriptive Review program and done so very quickly, so it's likely that this item has already been assigned out.
AskEden AskEden

Sorry to bring down your Friday, but that product is out for DR now.

You should see reviews for it in the next two weeks or so.

Have a great weekend!

Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
In order for this to be assigned for a video review, you'd have to go through regular channels of requesting to be in the video review program (which would require 2 unassigned video reviews as samples first) then requesting the product, etc.

Unfortunately, no assigning for any program happens via the forum. Best bet, next time, is to request the assignment in your assignment cart and leave the admin a message explaining why you'd be able to do it well/differently than someone else.


Carrie Ann
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