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Contributor: Olivia. Olivia.
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I was looking at the Pocket Fairy to purchase. Unfortunately it is out of stock right now =( I just wanted some opinions! It looks like a great toy! I already own the bigger size of the Fairy Wand and I love it. I also own the rechargeable Hitachi Wand with multiple speeds.
The Pocket Fairy looks convenient to use during sex, since I usually need a little extra help to orgasm. I have bought multiple toys to use during sex, and I need a small powerful one to do the job! I checked out the We-Vibe tango and I checked out the Fairy Wan. I'm not sure which one to get!
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Contributor: edeneve edeneve
Well, since they're 2 different types of vibes, I say get them both.
Contributor: Olivia. Olivia.
Thank you for your opinion! I'm thinking of getting them both