Recommend a vibe for a virgin's birthday~.

Recommend a vibe for a virgin's birthday~.

Chul Chul
Hello all! This is my first post here, so, if this is in the wrong place, please tell me otherwise. I apologize in advanced for the sheer length of this an my naivete, I'm still doing outside research as I type this.

Anyway, I've decided I'll be treating myself for my birthday this year with my very first vibrators. Having never used a sex toy, let alone a vibrator, you can definitely say I'll be quite the beginner. But, I've been reading through this site, and I have been able to discern some of things I would like to try out, namely looking through pocket rockets, clitoral vibrators, etc.

However, here is where my concerns lie: I am not sure how to approach getting a traditional or g-spot vibrator. Thing is, despite having reached adulthood, I've never really experimented much on penetrative pleasure. I've attempted multiple times to relax myself and take the plunge, as so to speak, but even then I often end up backing off because of scratching or other pain even with being wet.

So, what I want is recommendations for beginner insertable vibes (both in general and specific models, especially the latter!). I want something not intimidating, something that will ease the tightness and slowly make my body more accustomed to it, and hopefully, prepare me for actual intercourse some day. Should I go for something slim? Small? Should it have a small curve, or none at all? Maybe some of you have had good first experiences with certain kinds?

My specific needs:

- Budget: 100-150 dollars for everything- lower the better, without sacrificing quality; I don't want to spend more than 50 dollars on a single vibrator (at the moment! ), but I do want my first time to be a wonderful experience, so, don't want to go too cheapy, especially for an insertable.
- Vibration levels are at least 3-5 and have variety (can be flexible with this)
- Silicon texture; The material most appeals to me and seems ideal in both uniform comfort and cleanliness, so, definitely.
- At least 2 in noise level, closer to silent, the better; This is a MUST. I live in a family of homebodies, and while sex is not conservative conversation here, it's just not a topic anyone discusses or pays much attention to, especially the parents (not sexually active in the slightest) and sibling is very shy on the matter.

Thanks in advanced! While we are at it, if you have any other recommendations for other vibes or just beginner's advice, please do share (maybe some nice lube or techniques?)! Maybe you can tell me that and how I can build off that experience and branch out? I'd love any input.
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Ghost Ghost
I usually recommend the Je Joue "Mimi". It's out of your stated price range but it has many of the qualities you are looking for: quiet, strong vibrations with many settings, body safe silicone material, firmness. It is also waterproof, rechargable, warrantied, easy to handle and operate, comes in beautiful, functional packaging, nice color, and, most importantly... works really well! This is my "go to" vibrator and I have loved it since I bought it.
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