Recommendations for Remote Control Eggs?

Recommendations for Remote Control Eggs?

RemusHalifax RemusHalifax
My partner and I want to try public play with remote control vibes, but it seems nearly impossible to find one that's practical. Either the vibrations are too loud, the batteries run out within one use (not to mention they're really strange types of batteries) or the toy just plain ol' doesn't work.

Is there something out there, even on another site, that works better than the typical remote control egg?
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Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
In one word: no. They all suck.
Jul!a Jul!a
I don't have a lot of experience, but the Club Vibe 2.OH is far from the worst out there. It's a bit loud for quiet places, but it's got a good charge.
P'Gell P'Gell
It appears that most of these are disappointing, although I've never had one, I've read a lot of reviews about them, and most people end up unhappy with them.

They seem to have terrible radio range, (meaning the receiver (the egg) can't be too far from the transmitter (the control) making "long distance stimulation" even across a regular sized room difficult) the charges on the receiver are short, the vibrations are sub par, many of them are very loud and few reviews give them high rates of approval.

My husband is an Electrical Engineer and he thinks they could invest in higher quality radio equipment and input from RF and Electrical Engineers to make this product work. It would require going back to the drawing board and starting all over and looking into decent quality receivers and transmitters in small sizes, and that wouldn't be inexpensive! If the manufacturers don't do this they risk continuing to disappoint consumers.

And, remote "vibrating panties" seem to the the worst of the bunch. (Yeah, NOTHING you see in a Katherine Heigel movie is true!)
Swish Swish

this one isn't to bad aaa batteries and good remote distance, its fun but i wouldn't say i makes u scream in pleasure. but for what it is its fun, there is also no way for the remote holder to know which vibration they are on, which is kind of lame, the also aren't sure when its really on and when its off
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