Resilient Silicone Replacement for Elastomer Rabbit Habit

Resilient Silicone Replacement for Elastomer Rabbit Habit

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Hey there,

I have an Elastomer Rabbit Habit that I love, BUT I've already killed one and sent another one back because the elastomer cover was coming off of the plastic body. My boyfriend is an engineer and said that it sounded like I broke some of the teeth on the gears in the shaft

I know Vibratex has a 1 year warranty; I just mailed my broken one to them. However, I'd prefer to not have to mail my toy to them constantly for replacement. The shipping alone is over $20!

I'm very satisfied with the shape, size, shaft rotation, and vibration intensity that the rabbit provides. I'd like to find a similar silicone rabbit vibrator that is a bit more resilient. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been looking at the different silicone rabbits, but it's hard to tell what will have a similar feel.

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bunny love bunny love

I got my replacement rabbit in the mail from Vibratex, but they sent the wrong model. My old model had tracked pearls and the replacement doesn't. I emailed them over a week ago regarding the error, but I haven't heard back from them yet.

They also sent it in a box that had a large label with "VIBRATEX INC" written on it. I'm in college and live with my parents, and my mom actually asked me if I got a sex toy in the mail *head desk* I just told her it was electronics. heh.

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