Vibrators that are good for thrusting?

Contributor: Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
First the backstory - I am finding that I love bullets and vibrators. We tend to start our playtimes with a bullet and then add a vibrator and its like I'll grind my hips to work them both together (one inside and one outside) and have great orgasms.

Today though, as we were using link - my husband started thrusting it.

Wow - much different feelings and the orgasm was much different. It was a slower, probably more G-spot related one that seemed to last much longer than usual.

The only problem? The Opis has a head that comes to a tip versus a bulb-shaped head...meaning that as it got deeper in me, we got to a point where he couldn't thrust it more because of the tip and because we'd run out of length.

I do have link but it has a 2" girth that I'm working up to. (At first I thought he was using this one because the vibrations were so strong and this one has dual bullets).

I guess what I'm asking is - I'm looking for a vibrator that is longer than 7" and wider than 1 1/2" and has nice deep vibrations and works good for thrusting.

I have sorted some vibrators with the search feature, but I find that asking people who use a lot of different vibrators really helps because you often see the same ones come up again and again.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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