Which type of clitoral stimulator do you prefer on rabbit vibrators?

Which type of clitoral stimulator do you prefer on rabbit vibrators?

ReverieReviews ReverieReviews
Thanks to EdenFantasys, I've been able to get my hands on some incredible sex toys I could have never imagined owning before (although I may have fantasized about them!)

This has led to me being able to experience a broader variety of sex toy designs, and I've come to find there is a distinct difference between two types of rabbit vibe clitoral stimulators. There are those with the classic rabbit shape, or similar design, featuring a curved stimulator that is more pointed since it is meant to give direct stimulation to the clitoris. And there are those that end with a flatter, broader section that presses against your clit when you're using the vibrator.

The second of the two types seems far less common.... but why?? I actually prefer that kind MUCH more!

Rabbit Vibrators with the curved extension for clit stimulation are a lot harder to position in my opinion, since the clit stimulator needs to be held a certain way and at a precise angle for it to really deliver the vibrations to your clit. When the clit stimulator isn't curved like that, however, and is designed to press against your body when the shaft is inserted, there is no awkward positioning involved.

What do the rest of you think? For those who have used both kinds of rabbit vibes, which type of clitoral stimulator do you prefer?

Products with the Flatter Stimulator type:
1)Eve's Delight
2) Lust L16

Products with the Curved Stimulator type:
1) Sway
2) Air Flirt
3) Vanity Vr10
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
ReverieReviews , gikki , louise83
3  (43%)
Lena Eden , luxlovley , timelady , aphroditelady
4  (57%)
Total votes: 7
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gikki gikki
Agreed - I tend to prefer the flatter/broader stimulator (which is my vote) but I think my actual favorite is one that is a combination of the 2 - there is still a bit of a curved but the nub has more surface area so there is less is positioning required.
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