Which wand massager should I get?

Which wand massager should I get?

Nazaress Nazaress 02/21/2012

I'm sure these have probably been made a hundred times but this isn't about what wand massager YOU want. It's what I should get. I've heard rave reviews about the Hitachi Wand because it's so strong. The thing is, I'm not sure if that'd be so great for me. I'm kind of sensitive at times. I'm wondering if the attachments dull it some or if the lower setting is better for more sensitive people.

So, here's what I'm looking for or would LIKE, if possible. It doesn't necessarily have to have all these things if it makes up for it by being the best.

* Strong, but not TOO strong
* Power option favorites go: 1. Rechargeable, 2. Corded, 3. Batteries
* Different speeds and also has patterns, if possible
* Attachments available and good ones, at that (interested in ones that make clitoral stimulation and clitoral/vaginal stimulation better - not really interested in anything anal)
* Not too-too bulky, if possible

So, there you go. Which one of these (or any of their corded/rechargeable/ba ttery-powered/etc. brethren) should I get?

Invited: All users.

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Nazaress Nazaress
Which ones of these best fits my preferred criteria and is just overall the best? (I'm making it multiple choice, in case you're having a tough decision deciding which to suggest)
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Hitachi magic wand vibrator
Dreaus , klyte , WhoMe1 , (k)InkyIvy , EdenJP , zracer , meganthomas , Missmarc , GirlOnGirl , GS500 , married with children
11  (73%)
Fairy wand massager
Mystic wand rechargeable
pinkpottergirl , ksparkles16 , Ghost , unfulfilled
4  (27%)
Couture collection Inspire
My miracle massager
Wanachi multi with attachments
Other (Explain)
Total votes: 15
Poll is closed
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Dreaus Dreaus
Hitachi magic wand. Never had one, never tried one but i know what everyone else is gonna vote for!!
Nazaress Nazaress
Originally posted by Dreaus
Hitachi magic wand. Never had one, never tried one but i know what everyone else is gonna vote for!!
Actually, if they take my preferences into mind, they probably won't pick the Hitachi Wand. It's pretty limited in its versatility and it may be too strong for me.
klyte klyte
The Wanachiiii!!!!!!!!!
WhoMe1 WhoMe1
The Hitachi is very nice and it just runs and runs and runs, It has a high and a low so you can adjust intensity some, but it is a powerful vibrator.

Another nice one I didn't see is the Wahl massager. It comes with a bunch of attachments. It is very powerful too and surprisingly quiet, but you need to like strong vibrations.
Nazaress Nazaress
Originally posted by klyte
The Wanachiiii!!!!!!!!!
You picked the Hitachi in the poll. Lol. Did you mean the Hitachi or the Wanachi?
EdenJP EdenJP
Hitachi magic wand vibrator
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
I'd get the rechargeable pink one!
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I love my Mystic Wand, although I don't have the rechargeable one.
Chirple Chirple
I love my Fairy, but based on your criteria, I'd pick the Mystic Wand.
Hibangel Hibangel
Inspire looks best to me...?
Nazaress Nazaress
Everyone, please vote and post in this thread, instead, please: link
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