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wow what the heck kinda toys are these colorful treats... never seen them on here!!
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Informative topic breakdown of Rainbow Dildo:

Looking for Rainbow Toys???
Please share links of any rainbow toys you know of... on this site or any others... Thanks!

Rainbow Amor ever coming back?
The rainbow Amor does not seem to be an option. Does anyone know if it will ever come back in stock? I see images of the rainbow version under share..

I just learned what a rainbow party is....
Ok, so I was watching tv and there was some discussion of rainbow parties, which I had never even heard of up until that point. So for those who don't

What is your DARKEST fantasy? What is your most "rainbow and sparkles" one???
I have fantasized about a meteor strike on Earth...hours away. What would I do? I have had one dream where everyone in the train station simply...

Have you heard of "Rainbow Parties"?
This was a new one on me. Teens or younger, getting together....where the girls all wear different color lip gloss and the boys try and get as many...
Contributor: Rockin' Rockin'
Thanks! The toys are just a vibrant selection of sex toys in a variety of colors, focusing on less traditionally popular colors. Enjoy!